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Themes in ‘An Ideal Husband’

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Rita Cheng 10CS IGCSE Coursework- Themes in 'An Ideal Husband' The play- ''An ideal Husband' by Oscar Wilde is about London society during mid 80's, this play criticize the value of Victorian society, it can also be seen as a social satire. 'An Ideal Husband' talks about many themes, for example: love, betrayal, trust and ethical compromise. 'An Ideal Husband' is about Sir Robert Chiltern, an up-coming member of England's House of Commons, an Ideal husband in other people point of view. He was being blackmailed by Lady Lauren Cheveley to agree on the Argentine cannel scheme, or she would reveal his darkest secret to the whole society and to his loyal wife, Gertrude. ...read more.


Cheveley. Betrayal is the main theme of the play, the start of the play is based on the theme betray. If Baron Arnheim did not betray Robert Chiltern and gave the letter that Robert wrote to him 18 years ago to Mrs. Cheveley, the whole play wouldn't have started. Betray also exist between Robert and Gertrude, Robert tried to hide his past from Gertrude because he knew Gertrude is going to leave him. Mrs. Cheveley betrayed Lord Goring when they were engaged. Lady Cheveley pretended to love Lord Goring just because he was rich and she was poor, she also had a violent flirtation with Lord Mortlake at Tenby behind Lord Goring's back. ...read more.


Lord Caversham did not realize his son is actually the ideal husband. The trust between friends is shown when Gertrude wrote the letter to seek for help and whenever Robert talks to Lord Goring about his problems. The examples for the theme ethical compromise are the agreement of Baron Arnheim and Robert Chiltern 18 years ago, what Baron asked Robert to do was dishournable. Robert became the center of a political scandal involving a Central American property the offer that Mrs. Cheveley suggested to Robert is an ethical compromise too. 'An I deal Husband' is a piece of interesting, and melodramatic comedy. We will luxuriate in Oscar Wilde's elegant paradoxes and the elegant costumes, furnishing and the handsome irresponsibility of Victorian high society. I would like to do more of Oscar Wilde in the further. ...read more.

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