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Themes in Hamlet

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31/01/08 Hamlet - My Thoughts on... Love: My thoughts on love follow: Love is an expression of the heart, emotions and experiences that contribute to a sense of affection and attachment to something inanimate or animate. Love can be feelings or states that are beyond basic control that are usually profound, indescribable and ultimately unavoidable. Love can encompass passionate desires of intimacy or non-sexual emotional closeness. In the end love is a fundamental necessity which enables us to feel as though we have a purpose in life. Revenge: My thoughts on revenge follow: Revenge is a way of expressing anger, weakness or any other uncontrollable thoughts due to someone/something affecting our life. Revenge is a build up of pressure and can result in either a depressive state or an undomesticated happening. ...read more.


End my life and stop being a burden on society. Suicidal thoughts lead to a depressive state of mind which then causes irrational thoughts. Due to thinking irrationally emotions get blown out of proportion and serious emphasis on minute details cause a further relapse into a depressive state. This then escalates tension in regards to the depression and then they are forced into considering suicide. When a person finally gets help to avoid a suicidal decision relief sets in and thus the suicidal thoughts and urges begin to fade. Over time a person gains small feelings of hope which progressively becomes a larger feeling over time. The idea of suicide, a year later, seems like a remote act of desperation to cry out, to stop the pain and suffering; to let others know how much you are were really hurting. ...read more.


It acts as guidance to people as they can follow some set of rules which can aid them in their day to day lives. Religion can be expressed through various mediums such as prayer, ritual, meditation, music and art, among other things. Religion can also encompass ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history and mythology. This then enables each and every person to create their own way of expressing their faith and enhancing religious experience. On the other hand, God is an ethereal being that allows the big questions of life (Why are we here? etc) to remain virtually unanswered. It allows the unimaginable to happen without in depth understanding or knowledge of how the event occurred. Just like religion to allows guidance for day to day happenings and creates a sense of belonging in everyone whom shares this religious bond. ...read more.

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