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Themes in "The Adventure Of The Speckled Band".

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The Adventure of the Speckled Band When we first meet Helen Stoner, her personality describes her as a kind and pious woman. She lived with her step-father, the only relative alive. She has no persona because she is an honest person and she shares her feelings with everyone. Her motivation is to find out how her sister has been murdered. In that time and place, womens status were low therefore, they were not considered as important as men: ?It is not cold that makes me shiver? This leads to the theme of lonliness because she feels that she is alone and haso one to go to but Holmes. This whole quote is a powerful symbol which tells the reader that she is in a terrible condition. ...read more.


half vampire? In this case, British people will be afraid of him because of his tan which give him the air of not being from the Brtitish Isles. ?A large face, seared with a thousand wrinkles.? This leads to the theme of stress because he has spent his life in prison because he killed someone in Calcutta. Also, it leads to the theme of power because of him having a medical degree and that he is a doctor ? thoses were high classed jobs. The word ?thousand wrinkles? symbolises that a person has been living a miserable life. The word ?seared? also puts an image in the readers mind that in prison he must have lived a tourtourous life. Also, ?seared? means burned so it reminds the reader that he is forgien. ...read more.


?Dark enough and sinister enough.? This leads to the theme of cunning and cleaverness because as soon as Helencame in, he spotted all the signs on her body that had a link to Dr. Roylott. Also, it leads to the theme of magic and witch craft because usually, witchcraft is more of a major sin than committing a murder but Sherlock Holmes is expressing his thoughts clearly believes that killing someone is a grave sin. This whole quote is a powerful symbol because when he says ?Dark enough? it means that this case is full of obstacles and the words ?sinister enough? means that this kind of case cannot get more evil. Also, if you put the quote together, it makes the reader feel that as if the sin that has been committed there is no forgiveness. ...read more.

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