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Themes in the story "The Lie"

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Themes in the story "The Lie" In "The Lie" Kurt Vonnegut shows in his characters several themes that many families are facing now such as dishonesty, hypocrisy, and social snobbery. In the story the author explores a family which is focuses in those situations that will show that avoiding something will only make it worse. First dishonesty in the family is the major theme in the story for example Eli, the son, was dishonest. He did not tell his parents that he didn't get accepted to the school. But why, did Eli lie? He knew that his parents would find it inconceivable that a Remenzels boy would not be able to enroll this academy. "It was inconceivable to them that Eli could not go there, so they had no curiosity as to how Eli had done on the examinations, were not puzzled when no report ever came". The Remenzels boys have gone to this academy in the past as Sylvia says "If all the Remenzels who went to White Hill were numbered, what number would Eli be?" ...read more.


This theme is also reflected in the real life; most families have this problem, but with different causes, it's not because they don't care about their children. Some examples are because they don't have time to talk with them, they work too much, and they don't pay attention to their children, this kind of problem affects the family relationship and the lack of communication will be reflected in a lie. The second theme in this story is hypocrisy. In the story the most hypocritical person is Dr.Remenzel. Why? Because he says one thing and does another. For example when Doctor Remenzel heard the news that Eli had not been accepted to Whitehill he gets so angry and he says "I'm going to see how quickly people can change their minds around here." He lets his temper take control of his actions and decides to demand special treatment. This shows his true hypocrisy. By letting his temper take over, he gets nothing accomplished except to embarrass himself. ...read more.


I think this is an important theme in the story because it helps to describe and analyze each character in the story just by their comments and behavior. This theme has a relation to real life. It happens everywhere racism and snobbery is found in the entire world; and is always ignorant and dreadful. In conclusion Eli and his parents share the blame for the situation at the end of the story, everyone in the family has been dishonest, Eli is at fault because he tore up the letter, and avoided resolving the situation by discussing it with his parents. His parents are at fault also because they didn't pay enough attention to their son, and because they made an uneducated supposition that he would automatically be accepted into the school. "The Lie" is a fairly interesting story with very important themes such as dishonestly, hypocrisy, and social snobbery. The comments and actions of the characters show how these themes work together in the story creating an image of how this family is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bruno Cabrera PD: 4 5/4/2007 ...read more.

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