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Themes of love and death in Romeo and Juliet

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Themes of love and death in Romeo and Juliet The play Romeo and Juliet was set in Italy, Verona in the 17th century. The stars of the play was a boy called Romeo and a girl called Juliet In this exciting story of love and death the plot of the play is a teenaged boy falls in love with a teenaged girl and they are members of feuding families the Montages and the capulets. This play was wrote by William Shakespeare and in this essay I will explore the themes of love and death. This essay will look at how five different characters each have different opinions on the themes of love and death. These characters are Tybalt, Romeo, Juliet, Mecutio and Friar Lawrence Tybalt first enters the play in Act 1 Scene 1. Tybalts name gives us a clue to his character. ...read more.


An open-arse and thou a poperin pear"). In act two scene 4 Mercutio is looking for Romeo and shows his feelings on love and death in line 12("Alas poor Romeo he is already dead.....With the blind, bow boys but shaft. In act3 scene1 Mercutio is keen for a fight with Tybalt an his gang (line 41-42 " and but one word with on of us..... Make it a word or a blow"). This means that Mercutio wants Tybalt say something or hit him. Also on line 95-96 Act3 scene1, Mercutio has been stabbed by Tybalt And is saying "Ay, ay a scratch...... good villain fetch a surgeon". This shows he is still joking even though he is badly wounded. Mercutio also says on line 109 Act3 Scene1 "A plague on both your houses". This means that he hopes something bad happens to the Montagues and the Capulets because he has died thanks to their feud. ...read more.


"Line 91-92 act2 scene3 "for this..... Pure love". In act 2 scene 6 line 14 the friar is warning Romeo not to rushin into things because just a couple of days ago you was in love with Rosaline. Now you're in love with Juliet what will happen when another girl comes along will you run off with here like you have with Juliet. In act3 scene3 page 165 the friar convinses Romeo not to kill himself after hearing he is banished from Verona. (Act3 scene3 line 143 page 165 " thou pouts upon thy fortune and thou love". On page 201 act3 scene1 the friar gives Juliet poison to pretend she is dead. (Line 76 act4 scene1 "I'll give thee remedy". On page 219 act4 scene 5 the friar talks about death at Juliet's pretend funeral. (Act4 scene5 line 69-70 " your part in her you could not keep from death, but heaven keeps his part in eternal life". Mauro De Olimpio ...read more.

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