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There are always two sides - The white side and the black side

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"There are always two sides...the black and the white side" There are two different texts in the book that is talking about Australia. In one hand, we got "The Rabbit Proof Fence" which is telling us a little bit of the history of Australia, and the problems for the indigenous tribes because of the white minority and the English colonies. In the other hand, we have read "The Larder", which brings the aspects of environment and climate up, and the crisis Australia is facing, as well as the whole world in these times. In our English book, there are a lot of good short stories, wrote by both known and unknown authors. And I think every short story has a deeper meaning. Our teacher may ask us what the theme really is about, and then we will probably realize that the heading of the story may have another meaning than we first thought when we read it. ...read more.


The story brings up the aspects of Australian history and culture. We also get a detailed description about the dessert, the long distances and the climate in Australia, as well as the geographical terms. "The Larder" is a very good short story, because is reflects on the aspects of life, and about man's foolishness as well as the responsibility each and every one of us has. For the nature, and for each other. The story takes place in Australia, and I think it is important to see how the environment in Australia is today. It is the biggest island in the world; it has the biggest monolith and the biggest living reef, it is well worth to save this magnificent place. The author of "The Larder" has used humor in the text to get the message out much clearer. ...read more.


You may then see similarities with the African people, who also were slaves for the white population. Englishmen and Americans have not the best reputation when we discuss justice. And the new prime minister of Australia apologized to the indigenous tribes just a few years ago, maybe to ease the reputation and show respect for all the peoples. Or maybe just to win some aborigines votes? The black majority have always been suppressed, just because they have been born in a poor country. The white people from England and America have been slave traders and treated them badly. I hope the new generations learn the black history, because it is as black as the dreams to the lost generations, who never get their lives back as they were. I hope we look at the history as a short story, and reflect on the themes. The themes are (as always) man's foolishness, and stupidity. But also a lack of moral, maybe? ...read more.

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