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There Are Certain Requirements For A Good Short Story. How Far Are These Met In Two Short From Different Centuries.(A Vendetta - Guy de Maupassant and The Landlady)

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Gary Mills 11A There Are Certain Requirements For A Good Short Story. How Far Are These Met In Two Short From Different Centuries. To create a good short a author must meet certain requirements in order to keep the reader interested. We read two different short stories wrote by different authors in different centuries to see if these requirements were met. The first story is A Vendetta, by Guy De Maupassant, which was written in the 19th century. The story Vendetta has a very slid structure in which it has a great beginning, middle and end. Maupassant has linked the sentences together very cleverly to create this solid structure. The language in Vendetta in is not as you would aspect as it was wrote a long time ago, also the author is French which may has something to do with the difference in language. ...read more.


The plot is the opposite to Vendetta as it is warm and cozy. Dahl has cleverly made the woman secret to keep you guessing about her personality. In Landlady you never really get told that she murders her two only guests, you are just to assume that. One of the big differences between Vendetta and Landlady is that Maupassant takes us with the avenger whereas in The Landlady you follow through the story with the victim. On of the main characters in The Landlady is that of Billy Weaver who is possibly going to be the next victim of the landlady. The landlady as she is old and feeble cannot kill physically so it is thought that she kills victims by poising them with a cup of tea. Billy Weaver is a normal man who needs a place to stay when he sees the bed and breakfast and as it has in animals in the window he thinks it will be sound for the night that he intend to stay for. ...read more.


In The Landlady Dahl has left out a lot of information, the main information to be left out is the ending as you never get to know what happens to Billy Weaver whereas in Vendetta Maupassant leave much, however he doesn't tell us much about the murder of the widows son. That is on big difference between the stories, how much is left in and how much is left out. I believe that people in the 20th century want to be able to make there own ending whereas people in 19th century want to know the whole plot. Finally I think that both stories meet the requirements needed to make a good short story but I think that The Landlady is the better if the two, both though are entertaining and very well wrote. ...read more.

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