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There are many supernatural elements in Macbeth.

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There are many supernatural elements in Macbeth. What effects do the supernatural elements have on the thoughts and actions of Macbeth himself? For this assignment I will have a look at what effects the supernatural elements have on the thoughts and actions of Macbeth. The story is set In Shakespeare's time, where everyone was fascinated by supernatural elements. Shakespeare pictured the supernatural as weird witches that use magic and are unnatural and evil. The three evil witches in the story are Shakespeare's way of describing the supernatural. The story starts off with a supernatural scene, where the three witches meet and are talking about who they have control over. "...we three meet again in thunder, lighting or in rain?....When the battle's lost and won....That will be ere the set of sun....There to meet with Macbeth." The opening scene sets the atmosphere for the rest of the story. The scene shows the understanding of how the three witches can tell Macbeths future later on in the story. If this scene didn't set the atmosphere it would've been difficult to work out if the witch's nature is evil and sinister. The supernatural element is used more as the story progresses. ...read more.


Which means his life is at risk, and maybe discovered as the murderer of King Duncan. To act upon this Macbeth has Banquo killed, on the same night he invites him to dinner to not raise suspicion. Macbeth knows Banquo is dead so he could not be at his house. But Banquo appears as a ghost whom Macbeth could only see, through the supernatural this shows Macbeths fear and guilt. Macbeth is about to sit down at the table with his wife and some nobles, when he sees no place for him at the table, he thinks that there's a figure already sitting there, in reality there is no figure and his seat at the table is empty. He later discovers that it's the ghost of Banquo. "What treachery is this, which of you have done this?" The nobles are confused and some are anxious and link the death of King Duncan to Macbeth. But none say what they think, but try and calm the situation down. After this event some are positive that Macbeth had or was involved in the death of King Duncan. In this scene the play becomes more sinister and the atmosphere transforms to cold, darkness and ranging evil. ...read more.


At this moment Macbeth is unclear of what is meant by the third apparition who involved a child holding a tree and is crowned. Macbeth ignores it and is still worried about his death and his kingship is becoming more confusing to him and Lady Macbeth. Although Lady Macbeth seems to have a stronger mental character at the beginning of the play, she then suffers from remorse and confusion. She tends to get obsessed about the out dammed spot, which leads herself in believing that devils sucking her blood. Lady Macbeth describes the supernatural as her "destruction" and she refers to her royalty as doubtful joy. When Macbeth is informed of Lady Macbeth's death he responds with no emotion, this suggests that he really didn't care and how selfish he became due to the supernatural. Macbeth has knowledge of Malcolm's army and how they will attack the castle and has told his army to respond in the same manner. At the end of the play Macbeth is being slain by Macduff, and Malcom is crowned the rightful king. This is the third and final apparition which was given to Macbeth by the witches. This apparition had also come true. The play ends up following a man to his complete annihilation and loss of honesty the supernatural is very crucial as it is the reason behind, Macbeth and his demolition. ?? ?? ?? ?? Talha Ali Page2 ...read more.

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