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"There are too many misfits and unusual characters in of mice and men for it to be described accurately as a true life story"

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Mice and men "There are too many misfits and unusual characters in of mice and men for it to be described accurately as a true life story" This is a book written by John Steinbeck in 1937. John is from California and was born in 1902. The book is about two people called Lennie and George. John went to university in 1919 where he studied literature and writing courses. The two main characters in this book are Lennie and George they both drifters with nothing in the world apart from each other and a dream that one day they will own there own land and settle down somewhere nice to live. George is a small dark haired man who looks after Lennie he is reasonably smart, he has no family, no land or no money and tends to be very suspicious of people when he first meets them. George is very pessimistic he always sees the bad side of things even if it is a very small problem. George is trapped in his partnership with Lennie his conscience and sense of loyalty means he sticks with lennie through thick and thin. ...read more.


For example early in the book they are trying to sleep and he says to George "let's have different colour rabbits George" Hear this shows how lennie thinks he can have different colour rabbits which George and we all know is not very common. Lennie is a innocent bloke who gets in to trouble by mistake he doesn't know what he is doing wrong because of his mental status he thinks he is doing nothing wrong for example when he is stroking the lady in red at the beginning of the play he doesn't know why she starts to scream and get scared so he tries to shut her up. This shows he doesn't know how to do things as a adult and why he needs George. Lennie is not really interested in much apart from animals and girls he likes to stroke things for example at the beginning of they play he has a dead mouse in his pocket because of how hard he has stroked it by mistake Lennie doesn't know his own strength. He also kills the dog later on in the play and also Curleys wife. ...read more.


After reading the book and watching the movie I think that George is a very normal person. He is like some people today who can be happy, sad ,lonely , wanting a better life for there self. I feel if it were not for Lennie George would be in a better situation .He eventually George kills Lennie before Curly does, he knows that it is enough and he needs to move on. I feel that he did the right thing killing Lennie as he was his best friend and he died happily thinking about tending to his rabbits. Lennie on the other hand is a very strange character through out the course of the book one minutes he is kind ad the next he is very destructive he has a mental problem and I don't think we can relate to people like him today. I feel this is a very strong fictional character and I don't think it could ever be a real person. Normally people don't go around killing people and having mice in there pockets I think this book is a fantastic book to read it is really enjoyable. ...read more.

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