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There has always been a man like desire to create life in ones own image! How successful has this been?

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Rachel Evans There has always been a man like desire to create life in ones own image! How successful has this been? My essay is going to discuss creation and talk all about different theories of the world being created, and ways that man has created humans in their own image e.g god creating Adam and Eve and scientists and doctors creating human embryos and clones. Also animal clones. Another example is the story Frankenstein, the author Mary Shelley wrote about victor Frankenstein creating a human being in his own image. This has sometimes been very successful especially when babies have been born due to genetic engineering, this is good for couples who cannot have children but there will also be problems later on in life to worry about. One being racism, humans which were creating due to engineering may discriminate against humans which were created by the natural way, or maybe the other way around. If we could start designing humans, as we wanted them everyone would create intelligent good looking fit humans, then there would be no one left to do all the easy jobs for the planet. First I am going to start with the biblical genesis. ...read more.


It is a kind of warning sign this story is sending the message across that creating humans in other ways is not right and shouldn't be done. But man really want to play with science and be like god once was because they would love to be responsible for a new human race and feel like a really powerful person like a leader, but these people often plan on doing this without thinking about the consequences, they are generally greedy money wanting people and only think about the facts that they will be rich and god like and a leader of a new human race, they totally ignore the fact that things could go wrong though. In Mary Shelley's story.. Frankenstein many things go wrong. The story is about a normal everyday human (Victor Frankenstein) a boy who grows up to be a doctor and study medicines and humans. In the story Victor Frankenstein creates a living thing much like a human but this creature was made from dead peoples body parts that Victor stole. Victor was being greedy and did not think about the bad points, just the good he did not think of the consequences. ...read more.


I think Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as a warning to us that making new life using science is wrong and dangerous. And that there is only one god, n nature should be let to run its own course, I think the articles in the newspapers are trying to tell us what's going on and we should put a stop to it. Making all these new races is not a good thing it is dangerous and very unsuccessful. Victor Frankenstein in the story is like god in the story of genesis but the thing is what Frankenstein done was very dangerous. This should be a very clear warning that it should not be done. Also I think dolly the sheep was created so they thought if they could successful clone a sheep they could do bigger and better things! But thankfully there are many articles telling people it is wrong so hopefully it will put more people off. Frankenstein probably was the best story to show us what can happen and I'm sure Mary Shelley intended to do that. It is a very good book and sends across a very strong point. I believe that it is always men because people think that the word men or man seems more powerful and stronger I myself don't believe this and I think especially in this day and age woman have the same right as men. ...read more.

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