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There I was at the worlds largest and most hectic airport. It felt like a whole new world around me but it was all to come to an abrupt end shortly.

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Confusion at the Busy Airport There I was at the world's largest and most hectic airport. It felt like a whole new world around me but it was all to come to an abrupt end shortly. As the thousands of people around me went on with their lives so did I. Then it all started, as I approached the counter I overheard some police officers stating that a terror alert had been sounded and that all officers should be on high alert. My heart started pumping faster and faster, I started sweating and my adrenaline levels shot up. Everywhere nook I looked at I saw flashing red lights hooked up to countdown timers that seemed as though they were going to blow up any second and to mention the eerie sounds I kept hearing. ...read more.


Everybody scampered to grab their belongings and headed towards any possible path to escape. All officers immediately reacted and within a matter of minutes everything was under control. However it was too late alone I was responsible for the deaths of what seemed to at least a hundred people. There, in front of me lay a child who seemed to be just 3 years old but his life had already come to an end. Nevertheless this was not the time to break down yet more a time to be happy that it really wasn't a bomb. On this sudden turn of mood each person started clearing the place and getting the injured to the hospital. ...read more.


I brought this upon myself,' I thought. Just that very moment a sudden turn of events occurred, which meant I could escape the death trap I was in currently. Due to the harmful gas build up in the airport many were barely managing to breath and some already on the ground unconscious. I took the deepest breath I could and ran for a small hole that blew open in the wall due to the raging fire. I leaped and went right through the fire and just barely made it sustaining very little injuries. Within another 30 minutes the fire was brought under control. This was the worst disaster that London had seen in years. Only 157 people escaped with minimal injuries, with another 276 in the hospital and a devastating 698 dead. Yet to think that majority of these people died only because of me! ?? ?? ?? ?? Page | 1 ...read more.

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