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They all say the large abandoned bedroom hotel beside the lake is haunted

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´╗┐Creative Writing The Hotel They all say the large abandoned bedroom hotel beside the lake is haunted,?Never Ghosts are not real? which me and Brian claim, ?yes it was dark , gloomy and spooky but Ghosts come on seriously? it was once a highly successful business ran by a rich family over 250 years ago,now nobody dares to go near as it is believed that one night the whole family was murdered, and robbed, and the husband and wife of the hotel now haunt it and guard what is rightfully theirs and anyone who enters will be killed and have their souls placed in one of the empty rooms. It is also believed that 6 children about 20 years after the death of the family where playing hide and seek in the hotel and none of them ever returned however after ...read more.


While the old damaged building glared at me . The first hour or so wasn't actually all that bad. It just looked like a old normal building we were just exploring around and nothing exciting drew our attention apart from a carving in the wall which stated 1.30am. We didn?t think anything of this to begin with. It was just how you would expect an old building to be we didn't even need our flash-lights as there was a gaping hole in the roof and the moon shined over the dark hotel. At this moment we thought we was right , its all made up we said , but oh how wrong we were . Around 12:30am came and the bright glowing moon vanished almost immediately, and it almost felt like the running water from the lake had vanished , You could ...read more.


Suddenly there was a loud crash coming from the door opposite of us and the groaning noises turned into screams, the hairs on my neck stood up while Brian yelled ? LETS GET OUT OF HERE NOW? well that was what he said in nice terms , I have never heard him swear the way he did at this point, but I somehow calmed him down and the groaning noises suddenly stopped. We remained silent. Then we heard an old grandfather clock sound ticking along , I looked at my watch it was 1:30am , something inside of us made us approach the door which the clock and the screaming sounds were coming from and I placed my hand on the old rusty door knob......................... ...read more.

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