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They say that, 'if you tell yourself a lie enough times you will begin to believe it.' But what if you tell a lie too many times and no one believes it?

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Hattie Sparks 10F 10th April 2002 They say that, 'if you tell yourself a lie enough times you will begin to believe it.' But what if you tell a lie too many times and no one believes it? I was a 'rich' girl in school since I moved down from London, no one ever thought I was lying, why would they? I was new, I could make up my history how I wanted it to be, especially my father. I hadn't seen my dad in 3 months since my mum and I moved down here. My mum couldn't stand him anymore. Every night he would come home drunk, demanding to be fed and watered. Why should she bother? So we moved to a tiny house in Truro where nobody knew us and we could start a fresh, a really fresh new life. However, the story went that we lived in a huge house in the posh end of town and my father was a captain of a boat at sea in the marines, so was rarely home which was why no one ever saw or would ever see him. I made him out to be a hero, saving lives of children thrown overboard in storms. The only truth was that he worked on a boat; cleaning them at the docks. ...read more.


I realised that although it had helped me in the beginning, the lie had hurt me even more. I had to get rid of it. I was too late. Chelsea had thrown it back in my face. The next morning at school I walked into the classroom, everyone was happily talking until they saw me. I walked into a silent form, my footsteps echoing against the walls. Chelsea gave me a cold stare. Most mornings my friends would say hi and crowd around me, but they all followed Chelseas lead ignoring me. I was invisible. It felt like ages, but they began talking again. I sat at my desk trying to listen to them, dropping my head when they said my name, giving me a quick dry glance and laughing. The laugh I had perfected so well. I hated being rejected. The day dragged out, each lesson I could see them sniggering. I didn't even bother asking what I had done, Chelsea had already twisted them around her story, and surely none of them would want to know me after I had lied to them. Every night I walked half way home with another girl from my year, Alice, not a close friend, but compared to my other 'friends' she was the best. I was feeling so down that I didn't realise that she was still walking with me. ...read more.


she began to cry, ' do you not have everything you want?' I didn't know what to say, I had hurt my mum just to make myself feel better. I felt so ungrateful and cried myself to sleep. I walked to school on my own, crying under my hood. The day was as bad as yesterday, constant sniggering and pointing. I tried to block it out but it just kept reminding me even more. If only I had friends who liked me for me. Being cast away from my friends, I sat next to Alice. Knowing I didn't have to lie and tell stories, she told me them. I felt at ease with her, and we stayed together all day, but Chelsea couldn't see me have fun. She came over and started talking to Alice. Alice just stood there, nodding her head. Chelsea couldn't understand why she wasn't bowing down to her, so she walked off muttering something about me under her breath. 'How'd you do that?' 'I only talk to people I like, Chelsea is manipulative, how could you not see that she was just using you?' I knew she was right. All Chelsea ever wanted was to put me down, and she had managed, but now I knew it, it didn't upset me. The whole year ignored me for a while, but I didn't care, I didn't have to lie anymore. I had a real friend who I felt comfortable with, and my mum knew that I was sorry, reminding me that, 'honesty is the best policy.' ...read more.

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