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Things that I'd put in the museum of my life.

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Museum of my Life My Bike The reason I have chosen my first bike is because I can still recall the day I got it. Mum was out at work so I was stuck in the house with my Gran. She decided that she would take me shopping, so we got on the bus and off we went. We went into a shop that had lots of bikes and I saw one I liked. It was a small lime green coloured bike with jungle pictures on the side. My Gran said that I couldn't have it so I sat in the shop crying until she bought me it. I was only five but I learned to ride it really quickly. My Rabbit I got a new rabbit when I was seven after my old one died. I named my rabbit after a program I watched when I was young was called Max Steel. ...read more.


When I was little every year at Easter I would take all my eggs and break them up into one big bowl and melt it in the microwave. After a while I took it out and started to eat it. My mum came down stairs and took a picture of me because I had it all over my face and clothes. World Pipe Band Championship 2009 I play the bagpipes for Inverkeithing High School Pipe Band and have done for over 7 years. Every year we compete in many competitions all over Scotland but my biggest achievement to date was piping at the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow Green. We set off early that morning in the poring rain feeling very excited. The rain soon cleared and the sun shone as we proudly marched onto the competition field. The photo is me and all my fellow band members piping our very well practised tunes. ...read more.


The match kicked off, I was playing number fourteen, right wing. It was the eightieth minute, last play, that meant next time it's a scrum or if the ball goes into touch the game ends. It was seventeen-sixteen and we were losing. I ran up the pitch and kicked the ball through the posts, falling to my knees in disbelief, I realised I won the game for Scotland. Win the lottery I had always dreamt about winning the lottery and what I would do with all that money. Every week I went to Asda and eagerly put on a Lottery ticket. I then waited in anticipation week after week for my numbers to come up. One Saturday night whilst sitting all alone in my living room the numbers began to get read out. To my amazement I had five numbers, and then the number sixteen echoed in my ears as my life changed forever. Could it be true, had I really won the Lottery? Andrew Pollock 4Q2 ...read more.

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