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Think that although a lot of people where involved with Romeo and Juliets deaths the main people to blame were in fact lord and lady Capulet. Had they have shown more compassion and love for their daughter

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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet was written around 1595 when William Shakespeare was about 26 years old and at the high in his writing career. Romeo and Juliet has turned out to be one of Shakespeares most famous plays with many modern day films based on the play. Romeo and Juliet was written in the Elizabethan period where women had a very basic role in society which was to simply become a wife and mother. Any kind of profession was out of the question and extremely frowned upon. Women were however educated but only to the stage where they could become a reasonable companion for their husbands. The role of the father was to ensure that he gained as much from his daughter's marriage as possible. He would want to make sure that he gained a son-in-law who was influential, well-born, and who could be of assistance to him and would also look after his daughter well. Although dowries were not required, any property owned by the young woman or due to be inherited by her, would automatically pass from her to her husband. ...read more.


Lord Capulet also made it clear Juliet was to marry Paris even if she didn't want to: Act 3 Scene 5 'I tell thee what: get thee to church a'Thursday Or never look me in the face.' Here lord Capulet was making it clear to Juliet that she either married Paris or was disowned from the family, giving her no choice but to marry Paris which she still refuses. Juliet was obviously distressed and turned to her mother for support where unsurprisingly she was turned away: Act 3 Scene 5 'O sweet my mother, cast me not away! Delay this marriage for a moth, a week' Lady Capulets response to this was expected but Juliet still had to try and delay the marriage long enough for her to run away with Romeo. Also part of Romeo and Juliets deaths were the nurse and Friar Lawrence. The nurses part in it was as the beginning she helped Romeo and Juliet to marry and even goes to find Romeo to get news of their marriage arrangements to Juliet. However when the nurse learns of Juliets wedding to Paris is being arranged she quickly changes her mind and betrays Juliet by telling her to forget all about Romeo and marry Paris: Act 3 Scene 5 'I think its best you married with the County.... ...read more.


Act 3 Scene 1 'Immediately we do exile him hence' In some ways Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own deaths. When they met at the ball thrown by the Capulets Juliet and Romeo learned they were in fact meant to be enemies: Act 1 Scene 5 'His name is Romeo, and a Montague, the only son of your great enemy.' When Juliet learnt this she should have known nothing but bad would become of their relationship and stopped seeing Romeo. However they carried on seeing each other and got married where they eventually spent the night together. At the end of the play when Romeo discovered Juliet he should have waited and not reacted as quickly as killing himself, and when Juliet awoken she should have done the same. I think that although a lot of people where involved with Romeo and Juliets deaths the main people to blame were in fact lord and lady Capulet. Had they have shown more compassion and love for their daughter instead of cold heartedness she might not have felt the need to go to Romeo, the one person her parents despised the most. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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