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This essay aims to look at the specific characters from the play "The Inspector Calls". I will concentrate on just two of the characters. The characters I will study are Sheila Birling and Mrs Birling. Each character has a different attitude.

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The Inspector Calls Essay Matthew Walker 11KL This essay aims to look at the specific characters from the play "The Inspector Calls". I will concentrate on just two of the characters. The characters I will study are Sheila Birling and Mrs Birling. Each character has a different attitude. Sheila in my opinion is an uptight girl who only wants the best. Sheila has just become engaged to a business rival of her father's, her fianc� is called Gerald Croft. I believe that her father, Mr Birling only wants his daughter to marry Gerald so that the two rival businesses can link up and make more money for themselves. The quotation to shows this is "...and perhaps we may look forward to a time when Crofts and Birling's are no longer competing but working together...". Sheila's mother Mrs Birling cares a lot about their family name and she considers themselves better than the lower classes. The quotation to show this is "You know of course that my husband was Lord Mayor only two years ago and that he's still a magistrate". I think this shows that Mrs Birling is very aware of her social position and has no feeling for classes under her. I will begin my essay by looking at Sheila Birling. In my opinion Sheila is very close to her mother. ...read more.


In my opinion Sheila feels guilty and concerned even when the inspector has left the Birling house and they find out he's a fake. The quotation "But you're forgetting one thing, I still can't forget. Everything we said had happened really had happened". Sheila in my opinion is a girl who doesn't feel anything for the classes below her, like her mother. When this news hits I believe it had an effect on her the quotation that shows this is "So I'm really responsible". This shows that the little girl who was once very arrogant is now a woman who is ashamed and guilty. When Sheila finds out that the inspector isn't a real Inspector she just feels the same guilt and responsibility as when he was in the house. This is how and where Sheila's attitudes and emotions change. This is where I will leave looking at Sheila. I think I have described her attitude and emotions well. I will now look at Sheila's mother Sybil Birling, her emotions and attitudes and I will consider how Mrs Birling reacts to her part played in Eva Smiths death. In my opinion Mrs Birling cares a lot about her image. Sybil cares about her social position as the wife of a Magistrate, past Lord Mayor and Alderman and has no feeling for the classes below her. ...read more.


The quotation to show Mrs Birling's attempted rudeness to the inspector is evident when she says "That - I - consider - is a trifle impertinent Inspector". When the inspector leaves the Birling house Mrs Birling's attitude and emotions don't change one bit. She still feels that the death of Eva Smith is her own fault. The only thing Mrs Birling is concerned about is how and why her son Eric got involved in "Daisy Renton", she couldn't care less about any thing else. Mrs Birling in my view puts it all behind her and carries on with her normal life. To conclude my essay on "The Inspector Calls" I will firstly look to the first character I did "Sheila". I have concluded that Sheila's emotions and attitudes change throughout the play. At the start I described her as an uptight upper class girl who cared for no body. Throughout the play her emotions changed when she found out she was involved in the crime. Towards the end of the play Sheila was feeling really guilty. I will now look at my second character "Sybil Birling". I noticed that at the beginning and the middle of the play Mrs Birling's attitude and emotions didn't change at all. Towards the end of the play Sybil found out that Eric was the Father of the baby. This made Sybil look like a hypocrite and she felt a little guilt for not helping Eva when she needed it but only because of Eric's involvement. 1 ...read more.

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