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This essay will analyse the opening scene of the BBC production of 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens

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Media assignment (Great Expectations) This essay will analyse the opening scene of the BBC production of 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens. It will comment on the different sounds, lighting, editing, camera movement and mise en scene I will also observe how these techniques create dramatic tension and how they can set a mood for the rest of the film. The novel 'Great Expectations' is about a boy named Pip. His parents die and leave him under his sister and her husband Joe Gargery's care. In the opening scene, which is what we will be analysing, Pip meets an escaped convict called Magwitch. Magwitch chases him through a corn field and corners him in a graveyard. Pip then helps the convict by bringing him food and rum. His sister craves money and a high social status so she sends Pip off to Miss. Havisham at Satis house to play with her niece, Estella. Miss. Havisham and Estella both humiliate Pip; he becomes ashamed to come from such a poor background. He then decides he wants to be more than a blacksmith's apprentice and he is given the chance to become a gentleman. ...read more.


Parallel sound is when the sound links in with the image and contrapuntal is the opposite again, a sound that does not match the image on the screen. Another type of sound is a sound bridge this is a sound that carries from one scene to another, this is often done using a piece of background music. Editing is usually the last thing done in the creation of a film. It is the tweaks the directors and other staff do to the scenes, sounds and lighting for example slow or fast motion may be added or how long each scene lasts. Another thing affected by this is the credits at the beginning and end of the film. Camera movements are the second most important aspect of an effective scene along with light. There are many different movements a camera has among these are hand-held, rolling, track and dolly. Hand-held camera is when it's a jerky home video affect often used to reflect the emotion of the character say if they where drunk or drugged, a classic example of this is in the horror film 'Blair witch project'. ...read more.


Zooms have also been used at the very being when Pip is hiding in the field. He shows a landscape and has it quiet then he slowly zooms in on Pip and brings him to focus that's when he starts running and then starts to follow. Another aspect is editing. Once all of the scenes have been filmed the director has gone through and edited it to create an opening scene. First his has cut down the length he has done this to create the sense that the chase was quick and frightening. He has also merged the picture slightly to show speed in Pips running. This is ever so slightly and can be hardly recognised but many directors use this method to mess with the viewers mind. Overall this is a very successful opening scene and engages the audience to follow on with the rest of the film. It creates suspense and tensions. It shows the viewers that the following film will be full of scenes with just as good editing, effects ect. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 --- Lyndsay Haddock --- 10n10 --- ...read more.

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