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This essay will be based on gothic techniques that H.G Wells used and will also explain how gothic features can be identified

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The Red Room H.G Wells This essay will be based on gothic techniques that H.G Wells used and will also explain how gothic features can be identified in a play. The gothic elements in 'The Red Room' are used frequently but often in a very subtle way. One key gothic element of the story lies in the way Wells wrote. Firstly his style is old- fashioned and formal, for example he uses phrases such as, 'eight and twenty years,' this technique suggests that the play was written at the start of the nineteenth century. His word order also contributes to the dating of the play, for instance, 'said I,' is used recurrently and was very common in the nineteenth century. Another example of Wells' gothic style resides in the descriptive language he used to depict characters and settings, towards the start of the passage he introduces the residents of the castle and uses description to identify them as, 'the man with the withered arm,' and, 'the man with the shade.' ...read more.


This also implies further that the narrator is in fact young and arrogant. He says that in his twenty-eight years he has never seen a ghost, and generally goes about the whole situation in a very cocky way. He is positive that he will spend the night in the red room, against the advice of the residents of the house, and be fine. Not only does Wells' descriptive technique produce clear images, it also helps the reader connect with character. His use of similes, metaphors and personification means that the reader can connect the trauma the narrator is going through with something they can relate to therefore the story could be very far fetched but the reader can still connect to it. The structure of the story also contains gothic traits, for example all the characters seem to be uncomfortable with the situation they are in and seem to be worried about the particular day on which the story is set. The old woman keeps on saying, 'this night of all nights,' hinting that that night was pertinent for some reason. ...read more.


At first the narrator blames himself for this, dismissing all implication of supernatural interference. Then, however, candles start to flick off one by one and panic starts to come through in the writing, until the narrator has convinced himself that something supernatural really is going on. To a person reading the story explanations could be given to some of the incidents but the narrator has lost all rationality. He proceeds to stagger around hitting things until he is hit on the head and falls to the floor. Wells implies that he has been hit on the head but a simple explanation could prove this wrong. The story is mainly set at night, this again adds to the gothic theme in the play. However the story ends in the morning leaving a feeling of ease and relief after all the tension. It finishes the story in a positive way, but still leaves mystery. In conclusion this essay shows many small techniques that Wells uses to convey the gothic side of the play but hides them to create subtly and tension. Louise Page- Jennings 10HO ...read more.

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