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This essay will be exploring language, structure and how Shakespeare renders Romeo and Juliets first meeting dramatic in Act 1 Scene 5.

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ROMEO and JULIET This essay will be exploring language, structure and how Shakespeare renders Romeo and Juliet's first meeting dramatic. Shakespeare wrote 'Romeo and Juliet' in 1595 and is one of his most well known tragedies. It tells the story of two' star-crossed lovers' who's families are enemies but it doesn't stop them from declaring their passionate love towards each other that ends up being the reason of their own tragedy. A tragedy is when a catastrophic death occurs this is shown to us when the two lovers die. Another significant part of the play is act 1 scene 5. This is because it is the lover's first meet and it is also the turning point of the play. It is important that it was dramatic because it is the first key scene and Shakespeare uses it to engage the reader. The meeting of the 'star-crossed lovers' is the climax of act one and of the ways Shakespeare ensures it is dramatic is by building anticipation ahead of lord Capulet's banquet. ...read more.


It is perhaps Tybalt's last line in this scene that make him a threatening character and which produce the greatest dramatic contrast with Romeo and Juliet's first meeting; "I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet convert to bitter gall". The word 'but' is key in this sentence because it's the pivot that changes the tone. Also by wanting to convert sweet to gall shows that Tybalt actively wants to cause misery. Despite Romeo's sadness and Capulet's plans for Juliet to marry Paris, the lovers fall in love at first sight and Shakespeare uses language effectively to make this moment exciting and dramatic. Shakespeare makes the two finish each others lines and also makes them speak in sonnet which is a love poem which emphasises their chemistry. To declare his love towards Juliet, Romeo says; "O she is a holy shrine" by saying this he is comparing her to a Goddess that has the power to wash him off sin. ...read more.


When she is finally told she replies saying, "My only love is sprung from my only hate" by using another oxymoron Shakespeare emphasises the level of confusion in Romeo and Juliet's head's. Finally, Shakespeare uses lots of dramatic devices to ensure that this crucial scene is a good climax to the first act. Even though the scene is short, there is lots going on and this makes it very exciting. Examples of this is when he uses four verbs in quick succession or when he uses alliteration; "teach the torch to..." this gives rhythm and excitement. The scene is short but Shakespeare still manages to cram it full with drama, tension and excitement. In conclusion, this essay explores the ways in which Shakespeare renders act1 scene5 dramatic. He does this by filling it with different emotions including. Happiness, sadness and death. This makes the scene dramatic and also makes the play interesting for the reader. For me the part that is the highlight of the scene and makes it most dramatic is the death of Tybalt because that starts the roll of deaths to come. ...read more.

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