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This essay will explore two different experiences and cultures. It will cover two stories, Stench of kerosene and the Gold Cadillac.

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From the selection of stories you have read chose two or three which you feel portray differing cultures and experiences. This essay will explore two different experiences and cultures. It will cover two stories, Stench of kerosene and the Gold Cadillac. A Gold Cadillac is written by Mildred Taylor it is set in Toledo/Boston (North America) and Mississippi (South America). It is about a black family who buy a Cadillac and plan to travel down to South America but on their way they encounter difficulties and racism. The other story A Stench of kerosene is written by Amrita Pritam it is set in India fifty years ago. It is about a husband and a wife who are forced to split up. The husband remarries behind is wife's back which causes her to kill her self. The Gold Cadillac is set in two different places, the first part is set in North America and the second part is set in Mississippi, with different attitudes. North America where the blacks live is a mixed race society which is not segregated and is family orientated. It is a safe society for blacks, who live in a friendly, supportive and helpful neighbourhood and who are proud of each others success. ...read more.


We see her fear, shock and other feelings; this stresses how wrong the culture was. The moral of the story is racist awareness; it makes people aware of what used to happen to black people and how they were treated. The setting of the story is setting a scene and the ending is an anticlimax when the family get home safe. In the story there is a lot of conversation to express excitement, worry, angry and to add affect. Louis wrote the story from years ago but can still remember what was said. The Stench of Kerosene is set in India. The marriage and family culture in the story is that the man has to ask the brides Father for permission and the mother of the husband arranges the marriage. The bride's family is given money, the marriage is not based on love but the families' name, position and wealth of the family the bride is marrying into. In their case no money was arranged and they did marry for love. The bride can make her own choice it is seen as a business arrangement. The wife moves to her husband's village and only gets to see her own family once a year. ...read more.


In conclusion my favourite story was The Gold Cadillac. It was my favourite story because of the distinctive features like the fact it was written from Lois's point of view as a child, the disturbing prejudice that came in the form of physical and emotional prejudice and the way the police, who are meant to be respectful citizens, where with the black people and how they treated them so unfairly. In the story the writer achieves lots of things in her story like raising awareness of how blacks were discriminated against, how racist whites were, how black and white people had there own territory and how people's ideas can change from one city to the next. I also liked the story because it was true to life from years ago. The societies in both stories are very different but I fell both societies are wrong. Firstly the society in The Gold Cadillac is racist and there is too much discrimination. Everybody should be allowed to go where ever they want and ever should be treated the same and have equal status. Secondly, the society in The Stench of Kerosene is not based on love enough and has too many customs to follow. The mothers should not interfere with their sons lives and marriage they should be left to make their decisions and be happy. By Luisa Demarco ...read more.

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