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This essay will focus on a particular scene in "A View From The Bridge" where there is an argument and subsequent fight between Eddie Carbone and Rodolpho, an Italian illegal immigrant, nephew of Eddie's wife Beatrice.

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This essay will focus on a particular scene in "A View From The Bridge" where there is an argument and subsequent fight between Eddie Carbone and Rodolpho, an Italian illegal immigrant, nephew of Eddie's wife Beatrice. A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller is about the lives of the Carbone family who live in a slum in New York and how they help A View From a Bridge is about a working class Italian immigrant community in the .Red Hook section of New York, and how they help hide illegal immigrants, to settle into America. The story focuses on the Carbone family, Eddie, Beatrice and their niece Catherine. They help Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho who have illegally emigrated to America earn a living in order to send money home to their poverty stricken families in Sicily. The central theme of the play is honour. I say this because Marco accuses Eddie of " Killing my children", this obviously dirties Eddie Carbone's name. Eddie consequently then challenges Marco to a fight to clear his name. This results in Marco fatally stabbing Eddie in the concluding brawl at the end of the play. This scene comes at an important part of the play; this is because it sparks off the eventual fight between Eddie and Marco. When studying a play clearly one of the most important areas of focus must be the dramatic technique used. ...read more.


In this part of the play Eddie behaves like a protective father, putting a curfew on the time that Catherine returns home. He also has the nerve to choose what men Catherine dates and what she wears. He wants to control her life even though she is old enough to get married. Eddie could advise Catherine on the people she goes out with but Eddie says on page 14 that he didn't "like the looks" that she had been getting in the "candy store" furthermore he shows his disapproval about her waving to his friend Louis commenting "I could tell you things about Louis which you wouldn't wave to him no more". This suggests that Eddie at this point of the story is having trouble accepting that his niece has grown up and is becoming interested in men. Marco's behaviour suggests to the audience that he is getting sick and tired of Eddie's antics. This is evident when Marco intervenes in the heated sparring match between Eddie and Rodolpho. Another example of the rivalry between Marco, Rodolpho and Eddie is when Marco lifts a chair that Eddie fails to; Marco greets this with a "Triumphant smile". Rodolpho dances with Catherine after the sparring match with Eddie to show Eddie that he loves her and is not just after American Citizenship. This is a message to Eddie that he isn't scared of him and will carry on his relationship with Catherine. ...read more.


The words and actions between Eddie and Rodolpho highlight the theme of masculinity which is important in Sicilian society. Eddie has a dig at Rodolpho's unmanly streak commenting, "he sings, he cooks, he could make dresses". A further example of this is on page 56 when Eddie challenges Rodolpho to a sparring match hinting to Rodolpho that he is camp and can't defend himself. Love is also an important theme in this scene because of the love triangle involving Catherine and Rodolpho who are in love with each other and Eddie who is secretly in love with Catherine. We know this because of the way Eddie prevents Catherine The role of men and women in this scene can be linked to the traditional roles of the sexes at the time the play was set where men were expected to go out and earn money for the family whilst women stayed at home as housewives. All of the elements I have above make this scene dramatically powerful and tense. Miller may have wanted this because this would capture the audience. This scene is important because the feud between Rodolpho, Marco and Eddie matures into a vendetta. My favourite part of the scene is when Marco raises a chair to prove that he is stronger than Eddie. Miller uses a variety of dramatic techniques. An example of this is the tension between Marco and Eddie, Rodolpho and Eddie and Eddie's jealousy over Catherine's love for Rodolpho. He does this to create tension and anticipation for the audience. EMMET MURPHY GCSE ENGLISH 2002 ...read more.

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