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This essay will give examples of racial events and social attitudes towards black people in the 1930's and will link it to racial events and social attitudes in "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry".

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Diverse Cultures English Coursework "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry" is about the segregation of blacks and whites in Mississippi in the 1930's. It is based around a black family called the Logan's. The novelist Mildred Taylor has chosen to tell the story through the eyes of nine-year-old Cassie Logan who hasn't yet realised the realities of living in a segregated society. This is shown when Cassie accidentally bumps into a ten year old white girl called Lillian Jean who then forces her to apologise. "How come I gotta go 'round calling her "Miz" like she grown up or something?" This essay will give examples of racial events and social attitudes towards black people in the 1930's and will link it to racial events and social attitudes in "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry" The first racial incident we see in the novel is in chapter one. The four Logan children are walking to school and they meet T.J Avery, a young black boy. He tells the children that there was a burning at the Berry's and that John and Beacon Berry and their relative Sallie Ann were at a ...read more.


This annoys Little Man and he asks for another book very apprehensively. "I - I said may I have another book please, Ma'am," he squeaked. "That one's dirty." Cassie realises what has upset Little Man and she sticks up for him by also refusing her book. This makes the teacher, 'Miss Crocker,' cross and they both get the switch. When Miss Crocker tells Mama what has happened in class Mama agrees with Miss Crocker but in her mind she understands why Cassie and Little Man had refused the books she then covers the list with paper and glue of all seventh grade books. This shows us that Mama is not frightened to show her views and beliefs even if they are against other peoples. She also does this by teaching her pupils what she wants to teach and not what she is told to teach. Another incident happens which opens Cassie's eyes and makes her less na�ve about racism in the society. This happens when T.J, Stacey and Cassie go into Strawberry with Big Ma. ...read more.


As the shop is closed they break in but it all goes horribly wrong when Mr and Mrs Barnett wake up and go downstairs to see what the noise is and the Simms brothers attack them. When the sheriff and the Simms brothers caught up with T.J he is wrongly accused of attacking the Barnetts and for the robbery. Furthermore he will be charged. This shows us how the law turns a blind eye to the crimes committed by the white people as the police always took their side even if they were in the wrong. In conclusion, this novel shows us how hard it was for the blacks in the 1930's and luckily in this day and age there is less prejudice then there was thanks to people like Martin Luther King who wanted peace between the blacks and whites and tried to do so peacefully, even so there is still some prejudice around but it is not legal segregation. Through the novel Cassie becomes less na�ve about how and why blacks are treated so unfairly and she begins to understand how cruel life can be. We, the reader, also learn this lesson. 1 ...read more.

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