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This essay will look at how the supernatural has an effect on Macbeth and the other characters in the play and whether it has an effect on the audience as well.

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'Discuss the impact and influence of the supernatural in Macbeth and its dramatic effect This essay will look at how the supernatural has an effect on Macbeth and the other characters in the play and whether it has an effect on the audience as well. Macbeth is a play where atmosphere and setting is very important, at the start of the play the three witches are in very desolate surroundings and the weather is atrocious and very doomy and gloomy 'thunder and lightening' this suggests that the witches have a lot of power over the elements 'in thunder lightening or rain' The setting in the first scene is very weird and mysterious, the witches are in an open place which is very secluded and suggests that they are outcasts. This scene is also the first sign of the supernatural, and the way the witches speak in rhyme and always in order suggests supernatural happenings 'when the hurly-burly's done when the battles lost and won' the witches are the main source of the supernatural and evil in the play and they give a sense of fear, mystery and horror this leaves a strong impression on the audience. ...read more.


Macbeth starts to see Banquo as a threat and his son Fleance because what three witches predicted in act one scene three so he decides to have them murdered but Fleance escapes 'dies Fleance escapes' Macbeth now decides to hold a banquet a few months after he is made king. The purpose of this is to keep all the people on his side, 'at first and last the hearty welcome' this is very clever thinking of Macbeth to keep people on his side with him. He also sees himself as one of the people and mingles with society 'ourself will mingle with society, and play the humble host' this is also tactful thinking to keep the people on his side, this would create impact on the audience showing two different sides to Macbeth from the previous scene when he was a bit unstable to playing host at his own party. The murderer comes to the door but doesn't want him to impinge on the party, he tells Macbeth that Banquo is dead 'his throat is cut' this is very dramatic and gruesome and the audience would be very much drawn in by this. Then Macbeth learns that Fleance escaped and he becomes very unnerved and shaky as we have seen him many times before 'my fit again'. ...read more.


Macbeth is demanding once again ordering the three witches to tell him more, the witches worn him 'seek to know no more' but he demands to know and on hearing what the witches tell him which was inevitable his confidence begins to slip. For this the witches begin to mock him 'that this king may kindly say, our duties did his welcome pay' this was the worst day of Macbeth's life and orders Lenox who has stayed loyal to Macbeth to kill every one in Macduffs castle. Overall the witches affect Macbeth supernaturally by manipulating him with their powers he also has an effect on himself by returning to the witches this makes him very paranoid. The audiences of the time were very superstitious and would have felt all the witches powers and supernatural ability to be true. The affect on a modern audience would have a substantial difference because modern audiences are used to special effect and sound effects to create tension in plays and films. In order to make a modern audience enjoy 'Macbeth' you would have to create an atmosphere that a modern audience can relate to. In act one scene one there is thunder and lightening here I would use visual and sound effects to create dramatic tension and atmosphere, also penetrating close up shots to create dramatic tension. ...read more.

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