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This house believes that fox hunting should be banned in United Kingdom

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Fox hunting Dear Chairman, ladies and gentleman, this house believes that fox hunting should be banned in United Kingdom, as its a cruel and a very nasty sport to carry out. Fox hunting is a sport where people hunt for pleasure, they sit on horseback and use hounds to hunt for the fox, the hunters on the horseback follows the hound and when they find a fox, it will get shot without mercy or the hounds will use their sharp teeth to snap at any part of the running fox, this will kill the fox in a horrific way. ...read more.


Another major issue which is connected with fox hunting is 'Extinction,' there are roughly 250,000 adult foxes in the UK, producing 400,000 cubs roughly every year most of which will die in there first year of life and humans kills about 400,000 foxes a year, so from this research you can see how many fox are killed purposely every year. If people continue with this horrific and nasty sport then foxes can one day became an endangered species or even extinct in the near future. Fox hunting is full of cruelty, as when the hunting itself is being carried out it tortures the poor animal in such a away. ...read more.


So from this you can see that every part of fox hunting is cruel and its basically torturing the animal to death, so I urge the house to ban fox hunting. Fox hunting is like commiting murder as you are responsible for taking someones life without their permission and when a hunter is hunting it is showing no mercy towards the animal, it's not just foxes which are being hunt for, other animals such as lions and elephants are also in danger. I personally think fox hunting is absoulutely disgusting and shallow as how can people go out and kill a fox for their two minute enjoyment. I would therefore urge the house to look at all the points made and vote against fox hunting By: Vishal Patel ...read more.

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