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This house would make the student pay

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This house would make the student pay I strongly disagree in making university students pay for their tuition fees as I feel that education should come as a right and not have to come at a price. We all know that if there were no fees for university everybody who has the required grades for the specific university would have the chance to attend as often high achieving students miss out on the opportunity of university as they had come from a less - privileged family and this is unfair, but also it is discrimination to those from poorer backgrounds. As a result only those that are privileged and can afford the education can send their children to university. Student loans are offered as an option to help pay tuition fees but they tend to do more harm than good as there are unforeseen consequences. Tori Siler dropped out of Purdue University in 1999 after borrowing the maximum amount of federal student loans in America, about $46,000. ...read more.


Finland and Scotland are two perfect examples of countries in which people do not pay university are doing very well. The evidence of this is Edinburgh in Scotland has the most graduates in the entire world and their students are not paying fees! Surely that already shows how university fees are putting the country behind? It can be argued that independence and experience are gained and it prepares them for the future lives as they will have to be paying for those themselves, but in most circumstances parents end up paying so how is it in any way giving them or even offering any independence. The loans students have when they have graduated from university cause them to begin their lives after education in debt and there is no guarantee that they will even be able to pay it off for a very long time. It might be the in the priority of the government to put schools and hospitals first with taxpayers money as they only have a certain amount to pay for but services, hospitals and police but education as a whole should not have to come at a price as it is not a privilege but a basic right. ...read more.


Those statistics just conceal the true problem without solving what is needed to be solved. It is like trying to ignore a river by building a dam. The water, like the problems, will just build and build... This country is more developed and is still moving forward therefore more skilled graduates are needed. My own mother who left university nine years ago to her surprise saw that in her last bank statement money for her student loan had been removed from her account and this is happening to an increasing number of people as years go by. It has become more evident that many more people as years go by will be living off benefits and digging the country into a deeper hole. This is because more problems may arise such as crime as many people are becoming idle. The money the government doesn't want to pay on university will just be spent on jails and other problems to arise from this poor decision. It is up to you - lose: and you will be inevitably leaving university with debt to pay off or win: and won't be discouraged from university as you will not have student loans and extra debt to pay off. ...read more.

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