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This I believe-Singing. Singing is a way of expressing my feelings. A beautiful song can touch my heart

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"This I believe" Singing is a way of expressing my feelings. A beautiful song can touch my heart ----- surrounded by music, I think a heart of stone can soften and beat with the rhythm of the music. Each note to me carries feelings and thoughts; the rests, a moment of silence; the chorus, life's moment of climax; the last chord, the melodious harmony to a perfect end of a blissful life. I believe that music change people's lives and often their hearts as well. Since I had the first memory of my childhood, my parents have been fond of music. Naturally, they loved singing. Perhaps they inspired me to share this passion as well, because for as long as I can remember, singing has played an important role in my life. ...read more.


My parents were often quarrelling over small issues in the car and I would be sitting in the back seat muttering under my breath, wishing they would stop as their voices grew louder. Then, the chorus played, "Don't give up on me.... But I'm not gonna let you down... Love, me." Their voices would fade off. That was the power of the song. Then, in an unfortunate turn of events, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was not easy for my father as he had to work and take care of my mother, though he always took time out to spend time with my elder sister and I. The atmosphere at home was gloomy like dark ominous clouds looming over us and the songs ceased. ...read more.


Then one day, I heard a familiar song playing in his car, "If you get there before I do, don't give up on me, I'll meet you when my chores are through, I don't know how long I'll be... Love, me." It was then I realised my father finally let go. That moment was the perfect ending to my mother's life. I often asked myself, was that to be the only song in my life? No, I am to create new songs, new stanzas and bars in my life. Music never dies as it touches many hearts, it lives in us. Singing might seem like an insignificant thing to people, but to me, singing is more than projecting notes. It is a universal language to our hearts, a voice that will never fade; this I believe. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yow Shuning (27) 3/11 ...read more.

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