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This is a fictional school report about Christopher Boone from the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon.

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Swindon Special School Middle Year Report Please note: This is a fictional school report about Christopher Boone from 'the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' by Mark Haddon. By Daniel Goode. Christopher Boone 10 CV Math Christopher continues to be the star student in math class. His clear thinking and logical mind give him an excellent insight into the problems he is provided with. He works quickly and rarely needs assistance with his work even though it is at a much higher level than what is expected of his year group. He is currently preparing for an A-level math exam for the following month whilst other class members are completing their first year of GCSE coursework. Christopher is an exceptionally gifted student and should pursue his dreams for a math career. Mrs.Gascoyne, 1+ Attainment, 1+ Effort English English is a subject in which Christopher has multiple strengths and weaknesses. ...read more.


This is a unique and it is aces strolling comics. However, we are attempting to help him appreciate the importance of shading and drawing freehand; this would aid him to achieve a more realistic, 3-D style. Mrs. Peters, 3, 3 Music This is the fourth year of musical tuition for students. They have now covered music composition, many different styles of music such as blues, jazz, waltz, rock and pop and extended music theory as well as having studied a wide range of instruments including strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and vocals. Christopher excels in many aspects of music and theory, although he finds more complicated instruments difficult to play and has trouble understanding types of music that do not have logical layout. He has a keen sense of rhythm, however he finds percussion instruments such as the drums and piano particularly difficult to play as different rhythms are often required to be played in different areas of the body simultaneously. ...read more.


As you are aware, Christopher has been diagnosed with medium level autism. This means that certain areas of his brain are severely undeveloped whilst others are highly advanced; in this case Christopher has an extremely logical brain with high IQ and unfortunately a low EQ. He is gifted in maths and as a photographic memory but finds other human beings hard to understand. He also finds it very difficult to control himself when he's angry or confused and has a variety of inexplicable views on particular subjects such as colour and nationality. I am currently helping him understand his emotions so that he can control them more easily. Has tried hard to overcome his various difficulties this year and has made some headway. He often finds it challenging to understand his task and needs verification on what it means. Therefore the speed at which he works needs improvement. Christopher has progressed and much the same level as his fellow students. Mr Jeavons and Siobhan Evans, 3 ...read more.

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