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This is so ridiculous, my dad is sending me to Africa and I will be leaving in less then 24 hours. He told me I'm going to be living in a small village in Nairobi and will also be meeting a girl my age named Kim. I am going to be living with them for a wh

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Alana's African Adventure. THE NIGHT OF THE INTRUSION This is so ridiculous, my dad is sending me to Africa and I will be leaving in less then 24 hours. He told me I'm going to be living in a small village in Nairobi and will also be meeting a girl my age named Kim. I am going to be living with them for a whole week. This is the first time I'm going to be away from my family for that long. I have a million thoughts running through my head right now. Like, am I going to have air conditioning? Will there be a bathroom? Can I shower? I'm really worried about the eating situation. Will it be nasty? I heard that in Africa, wild animals are free to run wherever they like, so this is kind of freaking me out, the only question that arises my head is that why would he want me adapt this lifestyle anyway, it's really pathetic. But I really hope I can do this and come back as what my family wants to be, mature and independent. TRAVELING So, today I left Santa Cruz and flew to Africa. It was a 15 hour flight which was extremely long and boring flight and I didn't reach Nairobi until around 7pm. As soon as I got there I felt completely out of place, and suddenly it sank in that this is for real and soon will become a reality. ...read more.


I came a long way to Africa to experience and practice this lifestyle; however I will still stand up for my beliefs and speak my mind. Another thing that happened last night was the invitation ceremony. I was completely amazed by it. Kim's parents explained to me that I was soon to be part of their family, but there was a mini test I had to pass. When I woke up today, the tests began. The beginning part was slaughtering an animal, which was extremely hard for me to watch. They killed the animal then without mercy cut it up, pulled out all the intestines and other parts of body, which were miserably falling out everywhere. It was really nauseating. I thought cutting the animal was gross but when they drank the blood from the animal I was extremely shocked as the whole experience made me a vegetarian. I just thought it was so abnormal for them to do things like that. When the family invited me to dinner, I refused. I think I may have insulted the family because Amy soon told me that I didn't eat their food because I thought they were filthy. I tried to explain to her that she had to understand that this was difficult for me and it was hard to do everything she is accustomed to doing. I definitely need more time to adjust and practice this kind of life. ...read more.


Coming to Africa and learning about their culture made me realize its okay to be different. You should learn from others and accept the people the way they are. Additionally, I now know that I am strong and I can do things that aren't really my way and overcome any obstacles. I feel like I've grown up and matured from this experience, and I am grateful to my dad who decided to send me here, turning me away from my selfish attitude and being self obsessed. Still, I'm so happy to be on my way home so I can continue my thrilling new lifestyle. HOME AGAIN finally! I am home and it feels so good to be with my family again. I had a great time during the trip. I learned a lot about myself and got to know such a great person. It was a little hard for me at the beginning as I had such a negative attitude, but I got over myself and tried to live the moment. The experience really gave me a better outlook on life. I feel more mature, responsible, and more respectful of others. The Maasais taught me to work hard and you'll be rewarded with a feeling that no one can take away from you. There's a sense of accomplishment from seeing the progress I have made. Overall the trip was amazing. I learned things that I would never have imagined and was given motivation to succeed in life as an adult. ...read more.

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