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This is the only legacy I can leave of the "piano man", I've got to keep his real name secret, what with the attempt on his li

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"Hey Dave can you see that over there" he asked curiously clutching his warm mug of coffee in one hand and an Evening Standard in the other. "Yes, what is it?" questioned Dave. "I don't know but it's your shift so I suppose you better go and check it out" he replied in a slightly sarcastic tone of voice. "Fine" Grumbled Dave, he walked over to where the light was coming from, he was moving quickly but there was caution in his step as he got closer he could see a man sitting on the pebbly beach. He was using some rope that was lying on the cold, hard pebbles and two big shiny stones to make sparks which he directed towards some tweed he had found and, by the looks of it, split up into fibres "Hey what you doing out here at 2.15AM; it's flipping freezing, River Thames is no place to be" Dave said to the man in a loud tone, he moved a bit closer to him, he had a sort of Scandinavian look to him with the spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, he was also very tall and clean shaven yet he was wearing a suit and bow tie which both appeared to be wet, he was also wearing a pair of extremely big, shiny and very smart black shoes. ...read more.


She pushed the wheelchair with him in it down through the narrow corridor, the chapel entrance was just at the bottom; Father O'Brien was kneeling down praying before a cross that was hanging on the wall "Oh dear Lord forgive us for sins we have committed and will commit for the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever, amen" he said "Oh hello Nurse Heston how are you doing today?" asked Father O'Brien he was a tall, stocky, middle aged man probably about 45 to be precise, he had short grey hair and a grey beard which didn't compliment his stone cold grey eyes which thrust into you like Excalibur being pulled out of the stone. "Fine thank you, I'm just bringing Don down here as I saw him reading the bible earlier and thought he might like to come down here and see you" she replied. "Don? I thought this was the patient found by the River Thames the one with no name or ID" Father O'Brien said inquisitively. "Oh it's just a nickname I've given him; you see he's got this tattoo on his toe 41514 and if you split the numbers into individual one or two digit numbers and then convert them into letters by going on the principle of 1=A 2=B 3=C and so on and so forth then 4, 15 and 14 would make Don!" ...read more.


"It's a sound we've programmed into every agents memory that whenever Mozart's fourth symphony is played they switch on in case they have been badly traumatised and you were dumped on the river because of a mix-up by Al Amana Samadhi you were meant to be one of our other captured agents who was going to be shot by a sniper in a near by tower block but when they realised it was you they had to call it off" said the briefer. "So what is this 5 digit code?" asked Don "Well we were hoping you'd know that we've already tried the obvious 41514 on your leg but no luck" replied the briefer "What if the code isn't numbers; what if its letters, think about it the code is 41514 which makes the name Don maybe if you can find a name that's the same backwards as it is forwards which has only five letters comprising it that would be the code as it mirrors the pattern set by the numbers" said Don excitedly "You're a genius; we'll get right on it" replied the briefer "Oh and before you go, what's my name?" asked Don "It's the Norwegian interpretation of David comes out as Davad, hang on, wait a second; yes we've got them!!!" He yelled ecstatically. By Daniel Stamp 10E ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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