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This monologue is through the thoughts of a depressed teen, which gets beaten up by her stepfather. - Black, Blue and Crimson

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Essay beginning This monologue is through the thoughts of a depressed teen, which gets beaten up by her stepfather. Black, Blue and Crimson She walks up to the mirror to check her newly blossoming bruises that she'd just received from her step-dad. (Winces in pain) Wow (flatly) There once was a time when black and blue used to be two of my most favoured colours. Now, I despise the dullness and routinely appearance of those two colours. (Reaches out to feel her eye) Ow! (Again winces in pain.) This time, it looks much stranger than the other times. It looks likes the cooked yolk inside of an old, cold boiled egg. Where on the outside, you see the greyness start to take over the yellowish part. ...read more.


I don't need more problems. Perhaps I should bunk. Nah, the last time I did, my nosy-ass form tutor felt it necessary to check up on me. 'Been away too much' she said over the phone to him. 'Starting to worry about her'. What a fuckin' lie! 'Worry about me' my ass. More like worried she won't be satisfied with the fact that she has no one else to pick on but me. Hmm...a lie. A lie should deal with it. Lies. Lies. Lies. What should I say this time? Got into a fight? Na. Don't need jeering faces as if I told them I walked into a lamppost! Screw this. (Sighs) I wish my real dad were here. Or do I? ...read more.


Like pencil lead of my mother's white paper. I've always contemplated suicide. So many unwritten plans for it. Well, seems as though it's time for me to execute my plan. The worlds better of without me anyway, and quite frankly I'm better off without the world too. It won't miss me, and I wont miss it. Where's my Swiss? (Looks around for her Swiss knife) Ah. (Finds it) there you are. You've always proved useless 'til now. (Opens it up to reveal a sharp knife) The irony, my mother gave me this, she said, maybe some day it will be useful in a life or death situation. Ha! Life or death, I wonder, was she planning on me using it for death? Maybe. Maybe not. Good-bye, cruel world. Cruel mother. Cruel stepfather. She slashes her wrists and watches the blood pour out. Heh. Crimson is my new favourite colour. End ...read more.

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