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This Room And Love After Love Comparison

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i) In love after love, Derek Walcott describes the process of reaching fulfilment; choose one other poem and compare. Imtiaz Dharker's 'This Room' is written to create an impression of seeking 'freedom', where her room is 'breaking out' and seeking 'space, light and empty air'. In this poem dharker describes the room as going wild, with everything in it trying to escape to 'freedom'. On the other hand, Derek Walcott's poem of 'Love After Love' is telling us how to love our selves after ending a relationship or better how to love yourself before loving another. Walcott uses words such as elation and smile to show that his poem is all about learning, accepting and celebrating who you are. Dharker personifies the bed as 'lifting out of its nightmares'. ...read more.


The onomatopoeia also enhances the sound effects of the poem. In love after love, Walcott says 'again the stranger who was yourself', conveys the idea that the person you use to be is like a stranger now. Walcott also uses religious diction, where he uses short imperative sentences, 'give wine, give bread'. The religious words give a formal and caring tone to the poem. In 'This Room', 'no one is looking for the door' at the end of stanza three; this could either mean no one wants to leave this place because there is now a sense of celebration there or it could mean that, no one wants to use the easy way out, they want to have the feeling of expanding and growing, moving skywards and forward in life. ...read more.


'Peel your own images from the mirror' and 'Feast on your life'. Instead of reminding your self of your previous relationships and pictures of previous partners, Walcott wants us to look at our own life and appreciate who we are. In conclusion both poems have similar themes. The celebration of personal growth and expansion, accepting and being comfortable with who you are, are the key themes of the poems. Freedom is the most important thing and we should make the most of it in our lives. Both poems stress that the past should be left behind for example 'lifting out of its nightmares' and 'take down the love letters from the book shelf'. 'This Room' is a metaphor for life' and 'Love After Love' is about appreciating life. We should grow and think forwards. ...read more.

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