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This task requires me to use labour market information with various graphs and tables and to interpret my main findings and an explanation on how it will affect William Human Resource.

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Question 3 and 4 This task requires me to use labour market information with various graphs and tables and to interpret my main findings and an explanation on how it will affect William Human Resource. Qualification BOROUGH DATA WITHIN WEST LONDON Hounslow Harrow Brent Hillingdon Ealing Hammersmith & Fulham Percentage of people with... (1999) A levels 41 41 43 43 47 52 Degree 24 24 25 26 34 41 Unemployment Rate % (2002) 2.6 2.6 6.4 2.4 4.2 5.4 Percentage of School leavers in.. (2001) Full Time Education 78 86 85 71 80 77 Work 6 5 3 10 4 4 Looking at this data it can be said that Hammersmith and Fulham is the highest qualified borough and also this area is very competitive with other shops and this is the sort of location that William Hill are looking for to operate within. This table will enable William Hill HR department to plan for the future, as they will be able to see the different qualifications in various boroughs throughout West London and compare the data so know where its best to open stores because if they have higher qualifications it show they can use initiative and require less training in comparison to non-skilled people. ...read more.


Form this information I can say that employment in retail sector is predicted to increase more than usual. This will effect William Hill because it means they will be employing staff also which is more than usual due to the increase in population and this means more demand for their goods. Also from the figures it seems that the age range of 16-24 years old in West London is rising from 165,000 to 180,000 in 2010. This means that in the long run the HR department will be employing this age range and will not have a problem in the future because there is more of them to recruit due toothier age range increasing. All this information will affect the job roles in William Hill because it may become harder to employ the right staff required due to a shortage in age requirement and skills that are needed for William Hill to be operative in their sector Population Also this graph allows Human Resource to look forward and predict what staff and the age of staff needed to be recruited. Therefore becomes a problem to William Hill and also due to their age they have to be paid more. ...read more.


It looks good on William Hill's behalf that promotion appears to be taking place within the organisation however when some employees hops are high due to them feeling confident that they deserve that job it may not always turn out that way. This could because they where not really when suited for the from their person specification and this can demotivate workers and cause low morale and eventually less effort in customer service to customers. William Hill also offer appraisal to every employee to try to motivate him or her in staying and develop through the organisation. Appraisal is don for Cashiers once a year for both part time and full time staff but for Deputies to Senior levels in the hierarchy quarterly. Appraisal is done to see if targets are meet and what reward needs to be given because here is where you can spot who needs to be promoted in William Hill. From this staffs feel that they are being thought of and gain job satisfaction to stay with William Hill that means less recruiting in West London due to high retention level of staff at different levels of the organisational structure. Nike Akinde ...read more.

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