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This was a one stop flight to Mumbai. After 24 hours of a long flight, we landed to Mumbai International airport. My excitement did not stop here, I was so eager to see my parents.

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My memorable India trip A trip is a period of time to relax, a period of time used for one self. I really enjoy trip because at that time I didn't think about school or work. I came to United States after I got married in 2008 and didn't get a chance to visit India after so long, so I was really excited for my first trip back to India after marriage. My husband and I planed our trip during the Christmas holidays, so we both could go together. We were so excited to see our families, friends and relatives after two years. The purpose of our trip to India was not only to see our families and friends, but also to attend my brother's wedding. So I was double excited for the vacation and my trip. My excitement started when we arrived at LAX International airport. We reached there three hours before the flight time. The flight was on time and the weather was nice and clear. I checked in my baggage, took my boarding pass, and I did the security checking. ...read more.


Next day, my dad invited some of our close relatives and friends for lunch. They all were so excited to see me and wanted to know about the western culture, the life style in United States, my school, and studies, etc. I spent sometime talking to my relatives and friends. We talked about every little thing that happened during the last two years. Since I always missed Indian food, I was so egar to know about what would be there for lunch and turned out that my mom had prepared a special South Indian dish for me that is my all time favorite. After relaxing one day at home I joined my dad for his preparation for my brother's wedding. In India, A wedding is very big event that continues for several days. Weddings are generally structured into the pre-wedding ceremonies and post wedding day ceremonies. Also, I did lots of shopping for this wedding. I bought red and white Indian traditional dresses. The White color is for the purity and the red color for sensuality, as well as, it's a symbol for good luck, love prosperity and happiness. ...read more.


The "Taj Mahal" is a considerable example of Mughal's architecture. Visiting the "Taj Mahal" in the morning can be an unforgettable experience. The ground was muddy because it rained non-stop the previous day. The "Taj Mahal" attracts about 2 to 4 million visitors annually. We had one unfortunate experience during our visit. As I lost my purse and lost all my credit cards , cash , identification etc .., We were looking every where at all the possible places, we could find it , but no luck .Finally we did report to the local police station, unfortunately there was no much help from them. I hope in this essay I have explained in full detail my first big trip. Also how I felt and what I saw and experienced. This was probably the most memorable time in my life. This is something that I hope I can remember for the rest of my life and maybe experience it again sometime. I would highly recommend for any one I know to go if they ever get the chance. India is not somewhere that can be explained well enough because it is so unbelievable. Overall, we have really fun and enjoyable trip during this Christmas holidays. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nilam Shah Essay: 2:2 1 ...read more.

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