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Thomas Dunn 10T

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Thomas Dunn 10T English - Mrs Kilby Discuss how, "the good morrow," is as much about the fragility of love as the certainty of love. Metaphysical poets, name given to a group of English lyric poets of the 17th cent. The term was first used by Samuel Johnson (1744). The hallmark of their poetry is the metaphysical conceit (a figure of speech that employs unusual and paradoxical images), a reliance on intellectual wit, learned imagery, and subtle argument. Although this method was by no means new, these men infused new life into English poetry by the freshness and originality of their approach. John Donne comes from what is known as the Jacobean ear. ...read more.


He talks about his past relationships, that they were all really childish, before this relationship, although now he his really in love and believes this is a real relationship which will last. In line 4 of the poem, John Donne uses an allusion: "Or snorted we in the seven sleepers' den?" The seven sleepers are seven young Christians who were walled up in a cave in the year 249. Miraculously, they did not die but slept for 187 years. The freed cave-dwellers discover God, but Donne and his lady find each other, this is how John Donne presents his love for his mistress. In the first stanza of "The Good Morrow," Donne and his lady are in darkness, but in the second, they have emerged into the sunlight, awakened from the dream that they previously considered to be reality, and discovered perfection. ...read more.


The third and last stanza Donne talks about their love in the future, Donne goes on to say that if each lover matches the perfection of the other's love to such a degree that neither can wane, their love will become deathless. Donne presents to us that there is a perfect eternal love relationship, as they love each other so much that their love will last forever, they have a future together, "Love so alike that none do slacken, none can die." In "The Good Morrow," Donne and his lady emerge from the dreamlike unreality and darkness of a cave and immediately discover that their love will last forever, a deathless encounter that is "mixed equally." ...read more.

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