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Thomas Hardy Said His Subtitle 'A Pure Woman' Caused More Debate Than Anything Else. In 'Tess Of The D'Urbervilles' How Far Do You Agree With Hardy's Subtitle A Pure Women? Examine The First Part Of The Novel.

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Thomas Hardy Said His Subtitle 'A Pure Woman' Caused More Debate Than Anything Else. In 'Tess Of The D'Urbervilles' How Far Do You Agree With Hardy's Subtitle A Pure Women? Examine The First Part Of The Novel. This essay is about a novel called 'Tess Of The D'Urberville' which was written by a novelist called Thomas Hardy. The novel was written in 1891. Tess is the main character who gets exploited by Alec later on the novel. The question is whether Tess is pure or not. The subject of purity caused a lot of controversy in the Victorian times. My definition of the word purity is that if someone is pure they are innocent, fresh, virtues, chaste and very trustworthy. The dictionary definition of the word purity is the same as what I've written as well as someone who is simple, decent, clean, honest, holy etc... Thomas Hardy English poet and novelist, famous for his dispictions of the imaginary county "Wessex". Hardy's work reflected his stoical pessimism and sense of tragedy in human life. In the Victorian times you were able to buy names depending on whether you were rich or not this will show if you have social status or not. Victorians believed that any man or women having a sexual relationship or sexual contact before marriage was seen as a sinner. If you pregnant and was not married society will not accept you they were very strict and very religious. In the Victorian times there were three classes. ...read more.


Alec is a very manipulative young man who seduces Tess when she goes to work for his family. Alec flirts a lot with Tess and finds her very attractive, Tess is fully developed and very pretty which puts her into a very dangerous position, Alec is only interested only in her image. Tess has got a child's mind because that's what she is but in an adult's body, she is very shy and doesn't know how to behave in front of Alec. 'Alec looked at Tess as he spoke, in a way that made her blush a little', he also feeds her strawberries 'I a slight distress she pasted her lips and took it in'. Thomas Hardy uses phallic imagery to warn the readers that Tess will be exploited later on the novel. Tess feels very uncomfortable working for Alec, but she has no choice to work for him because she takes the responsibility for killing Prince and now she wants to get her parents a new one. Some may argue that why did Tess go off with Alec on the horse when she knew he liked her and what he's like. 'Tess was indignant and ashamed... she no longer minded the loneliness... the lateness of the hour... her one objection was to get away from the whole crowed as soon as possible' Tess got into an argument with Car Darch and now Car Darch wants to beat Tess up so she had the choice of getting beaten up or going with Alec. ...read more.


Tess's father dies and is forced to move out of their family home and Tess begins to weaken, she doesn't want anything to do with Alec but now has no choice. Angel returns from Brazil and realises he was wrong and that he wants her back. He tracks Tess and Alec and their house and wants to make up with her, but seeing she is well provided for by Alec he leaves her. Tess is furious with Alec because he lied to her about Angel and murders him. She then runs after Angel and tells him what she has done and says that if anything happens to her he has to promise to look after her younger sister Liza- lu this shows us that she is very loving towards her sister and is willing to do anything for her happiness. Tess is then captured and is hanged in the last chapter. Conclusion: To conclude I think Tess is a pure woman. I have shown how fate has taken a major part in her life. Thomas Hardy is a person who wrote most of his novels in a pessimistic way. His view on life and in women was completely different to the rest of the society; he reckons that men and women should have an equal right. The reason why he wrote 'A Pure Woman' as his subtitle is because he wanted to put it out to the rest of the society and because this is a question everyone wants an answer to. This subject caused a lot of controversy at the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tess Of The D'Urberville Coursework Rehana Begum 11.2 1 ...read more.

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