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thr secret life

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The Secret Life of Aftab Chaudhry BANG, BANG! the sound of shotgun bullets were flying through the air as we chased the once notorious Salloo brothers through back streets of L.A we were right on their heels as right at that moment a bullet went into the older brother Jeano. He fell to the floor with a loud thud I walked up to him and said "where`s the money jeano ?" "You may as well shoot me I`m not going to tell anyone,"Jeano replied "It`s a shame me and you could have made good partners, waste him boys" I walked off and the sounds of gun fire started in the background. "What are you doing You cut the desk!" shouted Mr Watt I stopped and noticed I had sawed through the work desks BANG BANG! Juddered the two parts of the desk. As fellow classmate hammered a nail in to a piece of wood "Are you listening, stay after the bell!" ...read more.


got ready for the race three, two, one and we were off I gained the lead and started to pull away from him then he used his nos and caught me up all of a sudden bang and my car went out of control then I went into a railing on the side of the road as I stood up and looked at the car I was amazed to see that I was still alive "AFTAB! Get up from the floor at once!" "Yes miss" as I looked round the class room I could see that every one was making fun of me Knock knock Wayne came into the room "I come to get a few people" he read my name out I got my coat and followed him to Mr. watts room when I got there I saw that some of my mates had detention as well "This will teach you to run off Aftab!" ...read more.


kit handed to me by Junaid who was helping Steve up he said "You`re messed up man you going to get expelled for sure bro!" Just then Mr. Drage walked in "Oh my! Junaid what have you done? Move out the way I will use the first aid kit" "But-it was------"junaid tried to argue "That's enough I will check the cameras see and who has done it will no longer be a member of this school, go home now "Perfect I had just framed Junaid for something which I had done ha! I'm too good" The next day Mr. Drage came to my first lesson and asked to see me as I walked to his office..... I walked along the roads of Sudan they placed me next to a wall which had been littered with bullet holes they started to put a blind fold around my eyes I asked them to face me to the gun and take the blind fold off, they started to count down from 10 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 bang........ ...read more.

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