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Three Extracts From Piggy’S Diary.

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Three Extracts from Piggy's Diary. It was a relief to Ralph to be going `home' even though there was still a war going on. Before Piggy had been killed Ralph had seen him with a book occasionally, and so before leaving the island he made sure to find it and take it with him. The long journey was painful for Ralph as he tried to deal with the guilt he felt for Piggy, so in an effort to confront this guilt he began to read Piggy's book. Before long Ralph broke down to tears as he began to understand just how much he had lost. January 17^th 1954 We was on our way to seek refuge in some foreign country `cause there ain't nowhere in Britain safe from nuclear war. We got shot at, and the pilot dropped us on this island before gettin' shot down. I can hardly say we was lucky but at least we landed on an island, and not in the middle of the sea. When it got light I went to look for other boys, and I met Ralph. I like him, but I think he thinks I am a waste of time. He called a meeting with the conch and he is now leader, `cause he won a vote. ...read more.


If I didn't have no asthma then I'd be able to show him. His problem is that he don't think at all. I could tell Ralph was really, really angry, `cause Jack said he'd keep the fire and now he won't `cause he's gone off hunting. The fact that he let the fire out was bad enough, but then along he came, up the mountain, leading some kind of chant. - `Kill the pig! Cut her throat! Spill her blood!' They'd killed a pig and he was well chuffed with himself. What do they think they are -hunters-, they're no more than boys with sticks. It was inevitable. I could see they was goin' to get waxy with each other. I wish they wouldn't though, fight, I mean, grown-ups wouldn't act like that would they. What are they gonna think of us if we carry on like this? Ralph confronted Jack `bout the fire goin' out, but Jack was so proud he took no notice of him. Then when Ralph said again, `You let the fire out.' Jack tried to defend himself, pathetically; he said that they needed Samneric to complete the circle. He doesn't understand `bout the fire, he just thinks that if it goes out it can be re lighted. ...read more.


But I knew that thinking like that would only lead me to savagery, just like them. I wish I could think like Piggy, then maybe we could have stopped all of this and gone home when the ship passed. He hit me once or twice, and I was about to retaliate but then I heard Piggy calling, he wanted to speak. What he said next sounded as if Piggy himself were a grown up, making sensible comments and doing the grown up thing. "Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill." All of a sudden Piggy, still holding the conch, was hit by a falling rock that Roger had pushed off the cliff. In than instant I wished it were I under that rock, not Piggy. The conch was smashed and Piggy was killed instantly. He was the only one on the island who could think. They chose me as leader, and I should have listened to Piggy, but I did not. And now that littluns is dead from the fire, Simon was murdered in a frenzy, and now Piggy. Murdered! Ralph's final wish as the ship arrived home was that he had never told the others that they called him Piggy, then he realised that he did not even know the name of the person who should have been his greatest friend. ...read more.

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