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Three poems that all show different understandings of love.

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The poems by Andrew Marvell, Christina Rossetti and Thomas Hood all explore the many different aspects of love and relationships. The three poets all discuss how love can begin and finish or it can come tragically to a sudden end. Their ideas about love can sometimes be based upon past experiences or written for the moment in time. The three poems all show different understandings of love and the first poem To His Coy Mistress is about a man seducing a woman by flattering her and complimenting her to get her into bed for sexual intercourse "Two hundred to adore each breast" is one of the many compliments that he gives her but then he starts to get bitter as he does not receive a response of the lady which almost makes it seem as though the woman is leading him on and then he says "Thy beauty shall no more be found" which is a sign of frustration but this poem also outlines how the man was the dominant character in the 19th century and how the woman almost made the 2nd rate person in the household. ...read more.


There is flattery in the 1st paragraph where the man is complimenting the woman, then in the 2nd paragraph as the man isn't getting anyway he gets aggressive and frustrated and therefore starts to talk to the woman about how quick time flies by and says "Then worms shall try that long-preserved virginity" and this means that if you are going to die soon if you don't lose your virginity now then only the worms will in the grave when you're buried. In the 3rd paragraph the man starts to say that your beauty will not last forever and soon you will turn wrinkly and old and no one will like you for your looks so take this chance now while you can. The poem Remember is structured totally different as it is set out as a sonnet, but not an Elizabethan sonnet as it has a break in the middle and is set out in two parts a sextet (6 lines) and an octet (8 lines) which is different as an Elizabethan sonnet has no breaks and is sang from beginning to end with no stop. ...read more.


The historical context in To His Coy Mistress is mainly outlining the fact of how the man was the dominant character in the 17th century and shows how the woman was really just on the side for the man to do the housework and sit around and look pretty. The historical context in Remember is mainly about how lonely the 19th century was and how much people reacted to events like death and shows how the bonding between two people can be so strong. The historical context in Faithless Sally Brown is really about the time of the press gang existing and this was also a time when comical writing was quite popular and Hood was really known for his comical writing and this piece of work really shows a great piece of comic writing around the19th century. The main similarities overall in the poem are that all the poems talk about how strong love can be and how quick love can finish and it also shows what results can come to certain sides of relationships as for example death which is probably the most tragic end that can come to a relationship no matter what the cause. ...read more.

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