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Through close analysis of sixth sense and in particular the restaurant and living room scene. Discuss the techniques that M. Night Shyamalan uses to deceive the audience into thinking that Dr Crowe is alive.

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The Sixth Sense is a popular late 20th century supernatural thriller directed by M.Night Shyamalan, which made $600 million gross profit worldwide. Shyamalan is famous for twists and turns in his films and the sixth sense is no different. The sixth sense is about a distinguished child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe who had just won an award for his outstanding work. However shortly after he was shot and killed by Vincent Gray, a bitter old patient that Crowe failed to help. We then see him fall onto his bed with Anna his wife beside him; however we see no blood or even the wound so we assume that he survived when it cuts to the next scene with the title on the screen "the next fall". He we see Crowe sitting on a bench with his notes ready to meet his new patient a troubled young child named Cole. Throughout the film we are deceived and tricked into thinking that Crowe is alive by the camera work, editing techniques, the music and even the Mise en scene (the set and surroundings).I am going to explore exactly how the audience are deceived into thinking that Crowe is alive. Some of the first deceptions occur in the living room scene. ...read more.


and he walks to his seat although he doesn't walk through the tables like a ghost would he walks around them like a normal person. This shot is used so we can't see the look of Anna's face so we don't know whether she is looking at him or not. As he sits down he says "I thought you meant the other Italian restaurant I asked you to marry me in" immediately she looks to the side, we assume that she does this to show annoyance that he is late and has not called when really she is depressed because it is her dead husband's wedding anniversary. The camera also tracks in slowly and over her shoulder to show the bill and her immediately snatching it from the table because she is angry with him and doesn't want him to pay. Then he carries on his monologue about why he was late and then mentions Vincent (the man that killed him) lightly comparing him to Cole with no anger or bitterness, even though this man shot him and ended his life, but he seems to have forgiven him as he survived the attack, however he doesn't know he is dead so has few negative feelings towards him. ...read more.


don't know they're dead" and "they only see what they want to see" but we can't put the pieces of the puzzle together and guess that Crowe is dead even though the truth is staring us in the face. Crowe doesn't even realize he is dead until the last minute so how are we meant to figure it out? But that is why the film is so popular and has made $600 million gross profit; a combination of great camera work, great sets, great music and a great director; that is how we are deceived. The Sixth sense is one of those films that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to watch the story unfold and that is what makes the film so enjoyable, it keeps us guessing. Shyamalan's attention to detail is phenomenal, no matter how many times you see the film you still can't find any flaws only more clues that Dr Crowe is alive. That is why I believe that is one of the best films of the late 20th century. ?? ?? ?? ?? Through close analysis of sixth sense and in particular the restaurant and living room scene. Discuss the techniques that M. Night Shyamalan uses to deceive the audience into thinking that Dr Crowe is alive. Tom Gavin 10E English coursework Page1 ...read more.

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