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Through the Mirror At Midnight

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THROUGH THE MIRROR AT MIDNIGHT Granddad had just past away and Mum was cleaning out the house. Granddad lived in a rickety old house at the end of Wood Lane. There was nothing special about the house, only that on a pitch dark night the milky white moon would rise right above it and it would look so close to the roof you would think if you climbed up there you could actually touch it. It was ten o' clock at night and I decided to visit Granddad's house. I really missed him. If I could not get to sleep I would ring him and he would tell me a story, usually an urban tale. The night was icy cold. The stars were flickering in the moonless sky. The darkness engulfed the whole town. An owl hooted from beyond the trees, besides that everything was silent. As I opened the door a gust of wind blew my long brown hair back. I looked towards the window and found that it was open "How odd" I said to myself and climbed over a pile of boxes to close it. I decided to go up to Granddad's bedroom, where I last saw him. Granddad was my best friend; in fact he was my only friend. My classmates at school would not accept my superstitious personality. ...read more.


Before I knew it the corpses began to form a complete circle around me. "Please let me go," I pleaded. I sat at the foot of the stairs shaking. Just then I saw a familiar face it was Granddad! I cried to him for help but he could not hear me so I walked up to him and shook him but he never took any notice, it was like he had been hypnotised. I realised that he must be part of the circle of lost spirits so I understood what I had to do and said, "I want to help you." Everyone besides Granddad and I disappeared. "Help me to render the mistake I made thirty years ago. I killed Mr Slane and buried his body under the Wicker Tree." He confessed. I could not believe Granddad actually killed someone. "See me under the Wicker Tree tomorrow at twelve midnight." He announced and vanished. On the way to the Wicker Tree I wondered what I had to do. This abnormal incident left me in a state of utter astonishment. I approached the Tree at one minute before midnight. I felt a cold gust of wind and shuddered. Granddad appeared, he seemed to carry a worried expression on his deathly pale face. He began the ceremony. He started by chanting a few words in an unfamiliar language. ...read more.


Whatever is wrong you will not make it better by killing him." I announced. "He is ruining my life." Granddad blurted out. All of a sudden a voice told me to tell him that Mr Slane was his father. I declared this information to Granddad. With a startled expression, like he did not know, Granddad seized. Just then the mirror reappeared. It was time for me to go so I climbed back through the mirror. Granddad was waiting anxiously on the other side. When I saw him he was out of the trance and his face illuminated with light. He embraced and thanked me. "I wish to be your Guardian Angel, wherever you are I will be," he declared and disappeared. I was on my way back home. I mused over what had just happened. I was pleased about this good deed. I passed Granddad's house. It looked welcoming and ostentatious. I then saw the most idyllic scene, the pale, milky white moon rose above the house, it was so close to the roof I thought if I climbed up there I could actually touch it. PLAN BEGINNING: Introduce the character and the situation about the death of her Granddad. Include her thoughts and feelings. MIDDLE: She sees the mirror. What happens? Write the tale that Granddad told her. Describe the adventure. She goes through the mirror because her Granddad sends you back to render the fact he murdered someone. END: She helps Granddad so he now turns into an angel and asks to be her guardian. ...read more.

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