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Through the Tunnel-Short Story

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GCSE English Language coursework - Short Story Ending for: 'Through the tunnel' As he stared down at the peaceful sea surging along, his throbbing head started spinning madly. While looking down at the gentle ripples hitting the rocks, he imagined the incident of him getting stuck and dying in the tunnel, with the French boys finding his rotting corpse the next year. This terrifying thought with addition to pain he had sustained before caused his head to become much worse, with his knees quivering to such an extent that he was swinging from side to side. With this agonizing pain, he thought to himself that he had to do it now or never as he could not bear the pain for any longer. Clutching the stone, he tried to take in a deep breath, that made his lungs feel like they were on fire and that he had used up his last sac of air. ...read more.


This sense of tranquillity gave him a feeling of effortlessness, which allowed him to look at the rocks where the tunnel lay without feeling the dread he felt before. By now he was sinking very fast because of the heavy stone he was clutching on to. At last when he came to the spot where the mouth of the tunnel lay, he let go of the stone and managed to get a grip on one of the rocks. With all these events around him he was still able to count up a minute by now. He kept this method of timing so that he has enough time to resurface safely even if he does not complete his goal. Gripping on to the rocks he pushed further and swam in. The entrance was really narrow so it was a struggle for him to swim through. ...read more.


With great difficulty he squeezed through the gap and started to float upwards. He could not bear it any longer as his lungs felt like they were burning like the blitz. Gasping for air, he resurfaced. The lack of air for over three minutes made him take in two or three breaths per second. He was so worn out after his bizarre journey and also being without air for over three minutes that when he clambered up to the shore, he had to lie down because his head was buzzing. He lay there for a good half an hour as he tried to get his breath back and let the pain wear away. When the sun began to set, he pushed himself up with the remaining strength left in his body. Standing queerly he looked back towards the rocks, from which he was filled with satisfaction that finally he had been through the tunnel. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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