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Throughout Hamlet there is an ongoing theme of deception

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Wray Devante Wray Ms. Yam ENG4U1 March 26, 2012 Deceptions and Lies In Shakespeare?s Elizabethan tragedy, Hamlet is about a middle aged prince on a journey to seek vengeance for his father?s murder. Throughout Hamlet there is an ongoing theme of deception; deception is def ine d a s th e d e l ib era te at t emp t to conc eal, f abrica te, m anipula te by verbal or nonv erb al me a ns i n or de r t o ma ke one bel ie ve i n something false. Stephanie Ericssion who is famous for her essay ?The Way We Lie? relates with Shakespeare?s Hamlet. Stephanie has ten theory?s describing how one lies which is why her essay and Hamlet relate, Shakespeare?s play is merely fuelled by deception and lying. Ericssion?s essay goes into great detail examining and explaining the ways we lie. Moreover, at the beginning of the play Hamlet has an encounter with his deceased father who informs him how he really dies. The ghost tells Hamlet that he did not die from the bite of a serpent but by the hands of his brother Claudius. Claudius secretly snuck up on king Hamlet and poisoned him while he was sleeping. ...read more.


Eventually, the lies of Claudius soon lead him to his demise and many other characters such a Polonius. Although Claudius is the leading liar in Shakespeare?s Hamlet, right behind him is Polonius. Polonius? character is driven by Ericsson?s theory on the Out and Out lie. Polonius out and out lies to all his peers in order to get the information that he desires. Polonius lies to keep his connection with everyone and to please them. For example, when Laertes asks Polonius for his blessing to go back to Paris, with no hesitation Polonius gives Laertes his approval. Soon after Polonius sends Reynaldo to Paris to spy on Laertes and watch his every move ?Inquire me first what Danskers are in Paris; And how, and who, what means, and where they keep, What company, at what expense; and finding By this encompassment and drift of question That they do know my son, come you more nearer Than your particular demands will touch it: Take you, as 'twere, some distant knowledge of him; As thus, 'I know his father and his friends, And in part him: ' do you mark this, Reynaldo? (2.1.8-16) This shows that Polonius does not trust his son Laertes, and simply gave Laertes his blessing only to give Laertes the satisfaction thus why Polonius? character is driven by Ericssion?s out and out lie theory. ...read more.


Which was the model of that Danish seal: Folded the writ up in the form of the other, Subscrib?d it, gave?t the impression, plac?d it safely, The changeling never known. Now, the next day Was our sea-flight; and what to this was sequent Thou know?st already. Horatio: So Guildenstern and Rosencrantz go to't... Why, what a king is this? (5.2.47-55,62) This quote shows how Hamlet used Ericssion?s out and out lie to avoid being executed in England. In conclusion the theme of lying is an ongoing theme in Shakespeare?s Hamlet which eventually leads the death of Hamlet and many other characters. In conclusion, due to the constant lying and deceiving in Hamlet, it creates havoc and eventually corrupts the state of Denmark. Claudius used lying to fuel himself with more power; Hamlet used the theme of deception and lying to seek revenge on his uncle for killing Old Hamlet. Lastly, Polonius who is fuelled by deception and lying betrays all of those around him. Also, Stephanie Ericssion?s Essay ?The Way We Lie? relates to Hamlet because Shakespeare?s Hamlet is fuelled by deception and lying and her essay describes ?The Way We Lie? and helps readers better understand a major theme in Hamlet. The theme of deception plays a huge role in the Shakespeare?s Hamlet, and eventually leads Claudius, Polonius, and Hamlets brutal and unnatural misfortunes. ...read more.

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