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Throughout this essay I am going to emphasize the key points as to how and why Romeo's character changes during the play.

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Throughout this essay I am going to emphasize the key points as to how and why Romeo's character changes during the play. I will also show how in my opinion how he made me feel like he was a hero this will include frequent explanations to his actions and behaviour changes. At the beginning of the play Romeo is not your typical hero. He does not show the characteristics and expectations of a stereotypical hero. He is very emotional and passionate about his immediate feelings. Many people are concerned about his distressing behaviour at the beginning of the play. His friend Benvolio and his father Montague are worried about his emotional state. "Many a morning hath he there been seen with tears augmenting the fresh morning's dew." At this point in the play Romeo does not prove to be a hero type of character instead weakness shows through his character. At this point in the play he is weeping tearfully in a disheartened manner. When Romeo enters the stage he is telling his good friend Benvolio why he is in such miserable state. ...read more.


However at this stage they are both ecstatically happy about the thought of marriage and their passionate love. They did not consider the consequences long enough and I believe they did not think of the effects thoroughly. I do not believe this shows Romeo acting as a hero as he did not think of the consequences of which would happen. When Romeo tells Friar Lawrence about the marriage he is taken back by Romeo's sudden change of heart. Before, Friar Lawrence saw Romeo as a lovesick teenager inexperienced by real love. Now Romeo tells him how he feels about Juliet and the marriage. Romeo at this point has now transformed into the typical hero of a love story. He has become positive and decisive. He is motivated by Juliet's overwhelming love and this makes him determined to overcome any obstacle standing in his way of destiny with Juliet. Friar Lawrence also thinks that this may result in a bind between the two feuding families ending in peace and prosperity throughout the city. When Tybalt tries to provoke Romeo into a fight, Romeo posses an admirable quality trying to avoid his 'brother in law to be' this shows that he has transformed into a true and that his love for Juliet is pure. ...read more.


I also believe that the love of Juliet changed him for the better. Yet true love did cause him death but at the same time I believe that it caused him great happiness to remain in Juliet's heart after death. At the start of the play he would not have done that for Rosaline this shows his commitment to true love. Romeo and Juliet I believe is all to do with destiny and the day that they both dies does not mean that their destiny died as true love last forever. To conclude there are three types of heroes the first being 'super heroes' who have inhuman powers such as flight. The second of which is a life style hero who are people like firemen who risk there own life to save another. The third of which Romeo fits into is a person who dies for a cause they believe in. I believe that Romeo is hero in this way as he died for love. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niraj Shah Trace the development of Romeo's character throughout the play (Describe the way his behaviour changes from the beginning of the play and how this made you feel about him being a hero.) ...read more.

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