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Tiger By The Tail

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C (By James Hadley Chase) Ex-Dancer murdered by Ex-Room Mate Last week Thursday, Fay Carson, one-time dance hostess at the Blue Rose nightclub, was discovered by her maid, stabbed to death and lying naked across her bed. The murder weapon is believed to be an ice pick taken from the murdered woman's icebox. Sergeant Jack Donvan of the Homicide Department, in charge of the investigation, stated that after collecting several important clues that they have caught the killer and that he is in custody. He has also apologized to the man that was falsely accused of being the killer. The Sergeant has also agreed to let us interview the murderer in jail. Anteneh: Thank you for allowing us to interview you, Ms. Gilda Dorman Ms. Gilda: Just call me Sally, and its alright you're the only visitors I get except for my brother. Anteneh: Oh ok. So Sally how do you know Fay Carson? Ms. Gilda: You sound just like those cops. Anteneh: You do not have to do this if you do not want to. Ms. Gilda: No its alright I have nothing better to do anyway. Well, Fay and me used to be roommates a few years back. We used to be real good friends. ...read more.


During the time that I had been working for him, we got closer to each other. A few weeks after I started singing, he proposed to me and I agreed. Anteneh: Did Yarde find out about what you were doing? Ms. Gilda: The news of my marriage with S�an was all over the newspapers so it was not hard for him to find out. Anteneh: Did Yarde do anything after he found out about the wedding? Ms. Gilda: Yeah. He called me one day and told me that if I do not come back to him that he will show our wedding paper to S�an. I refused because I knew that I would have a better future if I stayed with S�an. Anteneh: How did Yarde react after you refused? Ms. Gilda: He went completely crazy. He said that he would ruin me. I did not really take him seriously so I forget about it. A few weeks later, he called me and told me that he was in town and that he is still going along with his plan. I knew that if he showed the marriage certificate to S�an my life will be over. S�an will make sure that I have a miserable life. ...read more.


All of a sudden, she turned and I was so scared that I just stabbed her on her bare chest and she fell face first on the bed. To my relief she didn't make a single sound. To escape without being seen by the man in the leaving room I cut the fuse which was in her bedroom and crept out of the apartment. Anteneh: How is your brother involved in all of this? Ms. Gilda: Well a few years back my brother came to town after leaving the navy to visit me. He came over to the Blue Rose and saw Fay. According to him the moment he saw her he fell in love with her so he started going after her. She didn't want anything to do with him but when she found out that he was my brother, she started dating him so that she can get back at me. They dated for about a few months and one day he heard from one of his friends that she was a call girl. That made him so furious so he went to her apartment and beat her up bad. If it weren't for her neighbors, he would have killed her. When Fay died he became one of the suspects because of his past experiences with her. He was killed in a crossfire between the police and some of Sean's men. Anteneh: Thank you for your time Ms. Gilda. ...read more.

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