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Time: present day in the city of Philadelphia.

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Time: present day in the city of Philadelphia. Exactly 20 years since Gar left Ballybeg. His now frail father and his friend Ned make a surprise visit to his apartment. (This scene happens in the living room of Gar's apartment) Ned: Hello? Is anybody in? Gar: [from the kitchen] Ned is that you? Are you alone? Ned: Yea it's me and I'm with your father Gar: [now standing in the kitchen doorway] Jesus, sure I wasn't expectin' yous to come here. Is everything ok with you at home? Ned: Agh, sure what could be wrong with me? S.B: [quietly] Hello Gar Gar: [ignoring his father] And what 'bout the rest of the lads, how are they? Ned: Yea, they are all fine. -They've all settled down now with wives and children. I'm the only single one left out of the lot. Gar: [jokingly] And that's the way you'll stay, with a face on you like that. ...read more.


[S.B. takes a look across the room at the radars and then he drags his head again] Ned: [impressed] Jesus, would you look at that. You really are? No joke? Gar: [rapidly] Yeah, pretty cool, huh? Ned: For sure! So how did you land a job like that? Gar: Well, as soon as I got here I hooked up with a man called David Gargle and he knew the boss of the F.B.I in this area. So, as time went by I got to know his friend better and then he offered me the job. I had to start at the bottom, of course, but it didn't take long for him to see that I had good potential as a spy. Ned: So what was your first case? Gar: If I can remember right, it was a stakeout. Ned: Really? Gar: Yeah, it was in an old, disused factory where counterfeit money was being manufactured. I had to tell the swat team when to bounce and attack the criminals. ...read more.


[Gar storms toward the door and he is about to open it when...] S.B: Why don't you take any notice of me now? [Gar turns round, looks him in the eye and says...] Gar: Happy now? [He then races out in a dangerous mood and slams the door behind him] S.B: I messed that one up didn't I? Ned: No it's not your fault that he doesn't like you. I think that it is because of all the years you neglected him and all the times that you never took any notice of him. He'll regret it when it's too late. I know he will. [At that point they write a note saying, 'Sorry you had to leave but so did we. We will call round later... They both walk towards the doorway and S.B looks back and says something under his breath...] S.B [whisper like] why does it have to be like this? [At that we hear the door close and the footsteps fading into the background] ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Morgan 11F ...read more.

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