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Time Stood Still by William Stanley

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Time Stood Still Time stood still is a short story written by William Stanley, it's a descriptive piece written during the London Blitz. The description of the night shift these men had to go through is very challenging therefore makes it a story you should read. The narrator describes than night as one he would never forget, through all the demanding activities he had to overcome, from the big wall falling to how he lost one of his friends and how the others fought for survival. In the following essay I will be looking at the four aspects that one may come across while analyzing this poem. First we will be looking at the emotions that the author is portraying in this story, we will discover that humor is hidden in this passage also, the last two aspects we will be covering would be the repetition that is used quite a lot and last but not least how dramatically the author changes the routine of these boys from a quite night to fighting to survive whilst putting out fires. ...read more.


"a few enquiring bombs" It gives us the impression that the bombs are actually talking and asking permission, asking us where they are allowed to land, this of course is very unrealistic, and therefore gives a slight humor in it. Another sort of funny comment made in the story would be "... At the back of my mind as a picture of the air-raid season' this shows us that the author is tries to give us a sense of humor, he makes it sound like it is a natural thing, like the blossoming flowers in spring etc, however this is like the season of dropping bombs. It won't be very funny the fist time reading it but if you look closely, nonetheless the punch line seems very tragic as it is not normal for there to be any air-raid season. The author makes it easy for us to imagine the surroundings he is being pressed up against, repetition is used a lot in this short story, this makes the descriptions of each scene more intense. In (paragraph 9) ...read more.


(line 1). This gives us the impression to us, the readers that the fireman has been working hard all night. We then are introduced to the chores that the fireman are forced to complete each day ever since, the balzing London blitz has begun, everything for them has become so "normal" as they say it that they are so bored of doing the same thing almost everyday "until this thing happened, work had been without incident." (line 2) up until the moment he was nearly killed his life has been the same, from that moment on he knew everything would never be the same again. The turning point in this gives a whole new side to the scenario of the story. "I was thinking of nothing at all and then I was thinking of everything in the world" (line 45-47) at this point the narrator realizes how important his life is to him. It is very noticeable for us, the readers to know that the narrator describes every single detail of his journey, it gives us the impression that the author has categorized his descriptions. Overall this life treating experience was a joy to read. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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