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Time traveller story

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´╗┐Time Travel Story I was sitting in my room watching T.V, when the phone rang. I picked it up and said ?Hello?. I recognised the voice it was my boss. He said ?Get ready because I have a mission for you?. ?What sort of mission?? I replied. ?I?m sending you back into the past and into Ancient Roman Times, you?ll be involved in a battle, look for Laemilius Paullus when you get there. A time machine waiting for you this minute outside your house? ?I don?t know what to say, thank you? I replied. I grabbed my toothbrush, searched for my gun, took a few clothes and supplies of food and drinks and headed to the past in the time machine. I was in the past, travelling all the way to the time of the Romans. ...read more.


As I was running I bumped into a large, hairy, terrifying man. ?Who are you?? I said ?I?m Laemilus Paullus?, the man replied ?What do you do?? I questioned. ?I?m a Roman Commander?, the man answered back. We talked for about half an hour then Laemilus Paullus took me to a building. I followed him. It was the tallest building I?d ever seen. I thought to myself, it must be about hundred and forty feet high. I didn?t know what to expect. We went inside and he showed me around and told me to follow him to a room. It was surrounded by beautiful portraits of himself and his family. He reached for a hidden picture; it was one of him at the battle of Cannae. It was wonderful. He then asked me if I would like to take part in a battle. ...read more.


Laemilus took me back to the building and I slept dined with him before going to bed. I woke up the next day and went for a walk. When I got back, the Roman Commander showed me pictures of the battle, which I won. The pictures were remarkable; I placed them in my bag to treasure. I received another call from my boss telling me it was time to go back home. I said goodbye to Laemilus and thanked him for the experience before packing my bags. I got my stuff and headed for the time machine. I set the year and it set off back to the present. I reflected on the experience as I headed home. There was another ring I had reached the present. I got out of the time machine, and headed back into my house. I called my boss and told him I reached. I dropped my stuff, went upstairs and slept. I needed to get used to the time again! ...read more.

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