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Timmy's Life Day.

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Timmy's Life Day. One wonderful, sunny, summer's day, Timmy was going to hit new school. He was incredibly nervous. He felt as though he would trough up any second. Timmy kept getting heat waves through his body and he was sweating like a wet sponge. Timmy was a quite and clever lad, in his last school he had achieved very good marks for his work. Timmy has short brown hair, dark brown eyes which were almost black as a train tunnel. Many people thought that it was strange that he was changing school. He was changing because he thought it would be easier to fit in . His uniform was black trousers, black shoes and a navy blue buttoned shirt. When Timmy arrived at school he was extremely shaky and nervous. A tall blond girl approached him, her hair was down to the middle of her slim body. She had long legs, which looked like they never ended, the whole set up of her was magnificent. As she drew closer Timmy felt more at calm. He felt as light as air, he as in love. ...read more.


He just didn't care anymore. He saw a lorry coming along the road. He stood there swearing at the lorry driver and taunghting him to mow him down. Just like that, Timmy was throw by the impact. He was flung about 2 meters away. Ollie had dived and saved his life from the lorry. He slapped Timmy a few times and shouted, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?" "My life is over, I don't need to live in a world full of pain and hatred." Cried Timmy. "Just because you were turned by a blond, over dressed tart, doesn't mean you have to kill yourself. You don't need people like her in you r life." Ollie replied. They both got up and walked away, they promised never to tell anybody about that night. On Monday, as it always was, Timmy sat with Ollie, Big Tom, Ashlee and Russell. Amy came in the room and rushed over to Timmy and apologised to Timmy. He really wanted to slap her right now. Her puppy dog eyes got the better of him and he said it was ok. ...read more.


He takes me on Friday nights and rapes me behind the sport centre. The police are going to be there and arrest him, then I'm free. I really want you to be my boyfriend after that. Your really nice and sweet, and I love you so much. I hope you say yes I really do. So please me be mine. Love loads Amy xxxxx. Timmy was in disappear, the sudden heat rushes started all over again. The rush of pain started when he was turned down, exept this time it was twice as large. People from all over came over to see what was wrong. Timmy pushed them away and ran. He ran to the sport centre where the two bodies still were placed for examination. He kneed down and cried his little heart out over Amy. The people still persuade him. Timmy clambered up on top of the sport centre and told everyone. Everyone how this had happened, and why. Man people cried, and felt sorry for Timmy. Others shouted and yelled at him. It just was to much to handle. Timmy threw himself off the side of the sport centre. That was the end of Timmy, Mark and Amy. ...read more.

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