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Titanic- A Survivors Story

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3rd November Titanic- A Survivors Story Walking up the gangplank I felt nervous... I was one metre away from my first steps aboard the Titanic. It had been a hard day, having to leave my friends and family to start a new life. I had had a job offer in the centre of New York City and it had been a rush to get my place on the 'Titanic's Maiden Voyage'. I felt heaviness in my heart; not knowing what was lying ahead of me made me feel anxious and excited. From the outside the Titanic was a swan, gracefully gliding through the water. Not sure of what to accept, I stepped inside to discover a world of comfort. The bed sheets were pure cotton, unlike my worn out linen ones back home, and the whole boat smelt of freshly picked flowers. My ticket didn't allow me to go onto the top floor but I managed to have a brisk walk around before being asked to return. The interior was mainly dark oak, with huge mirrors hanging from the ceiling to floor. Before I was sent back to my room, I took a look through the double glass doors leading to the main dining room. What a magnificent sight! Fine porcelain china being laid onto the huge tables. Tiffany lamps centred on each table too. ...read more.


The money is what me and your farther saved for your future but you can spend it on what you like. Don't forget me when you're rich and famous! Lots of love your mother." As Emily read the last line she went to her bag and unpacked some tissues. She passed me some and said that she would leave me to sort myself out. I had to get through this and now I felt I had a friend for life it would make it much easier. The following morning I woke to the smell of cocoa. I soon realised that I had fallen asleep before Emily and Elizabeth had come back. With a new positive feeling about life I gave a stretch and put on my clothes. Sitting at the window whilst eating my breakfast I got my journal out and started to write. I had not realised how fast the boat was going, a bit too fast actually, seen as we were flying past icebergs. That night I decided to have a walk along the deck.it was amazing! The amount of detail and effort put into the ship was magnificent. Walking along I counted the lifeboats. Counting twenty in total. Surely, that was not enough! It was supposed to be the unsinkable ship, but this was ridiculous! Only twenty! What would happen if we sprung a leek or hit an iceberg? ...read more.


I took Elizabeth and made a run for the deck. It was hard letting my friend go but it had to be done. The look on Elizabeth's face as we got onto the lifeboat and realised that she would not see her mother again was heartbreaking. As we were lowered down a tear slipped from my watery eyes and I held onto Elizabeth. I didn't know how I was going to cope, let alone how Elizabeth was going to! In the early hours of the morning, we saw the last of the Titanic. It was terrible; screams and cries for help were all we heard. I felt awful. We would keep our life's whereas hundreds of people surrounding us where dying. The rest of the journey to America was on another boat. Every night I heard Elizabeth whimper and cry for her mum. It was awful, how was I meant to replace her? I knew I was going to look after Elizabeth because I felt responsible for her mother's death. As we touched land, the first thing I saw was the statue of liberty. Hundreds of people where waiting for arrivals off the Titanic and many where left crying with dismay. I knew the American Dream had been spoilt but I was going to make it work for Elizabeth. Looking out of our apartment window, I can see the famous sight, the Statue of Liberty. Everytime I do I think of that dreadful night on the Titanic, but then feel blessed that I am still here today. ...read more.

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