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Titanic Diary-life onboard

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Dear Diary, We have been at sea three days now and I am having the time of my life! I'm not sure that I'll ever want to get off when the ship docks in America. Yesterday Alice and I booked a session on the squash court, it was great fun but as expected Alice won. I've never cared much for sport though any way. Our first meal aboard the ship was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. It was almost as though we had all got together for one gigantic diner party. Everyone was in their best clothes. After getting myself ready and helping Janie into her favourite frock, we met up with the others and made our way to the dinning area. ...read more.


She was with her nurse Elizabeth who was escorting her to her Grandparents home in New York. I thought how terrible it must for her to be away from her parent when she could be no older than seven. But for all I knew she might not even have parents and I wasn't about to ask. We sat for about half an hour, the whole room in excited chatter until the food was served. The appetizing smell of roast lamb and vegetables filled the room. I had not had a meal as delicious as that for along time. Janie however did not seem to enjoy the meal as much as the rest of us and spent the whole meal moaning. ...read more.


No surprise there really! Today's dinner was not so extravagant and people made less of an effort to dress up. I suppose the Novelty of being aboard this magnificent ship has began to ware off. I took a stroll along the deck this morning. The weather is good but it is definitely a lot colder than it was two days ago. You can no longer see the coast now. In every direction that you look out at there is icy water. This ship is huge but when you think about it in comparison with the ocean it's as though we are only one star taken from a huge patch of night sky, just one tiny little insignificant star. It's very refreshing out side, feeling the cool ocean wind on your face, listening to the children playing and everyone Kate X ...read more.

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